By Allain Richard, September 14, 2013 0 News, Weekly Digital Roundup

From thunderstorms to constant rain, the weather has been constantly horrible on Canada’s east coast this week. Things in gaming have been the polar opposite however with the release of The Wonderful 101 on Wii U.

If controlling a team of 100 heroes is 99 heroes too much, then you can relive Link’s second adventure in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Error included.

Nearly a month after being released on other consoles, DuckTales: Remastered has made its way onto the Xbox 360.  Remasters are always a charm to look at. Enough so that we brainstormed some HD remasters we’d like to see.

On Sony’s side, the war between the ISA and the Helghast rages on as Killzone: Mercenary makes its way to the PlayStation Vita. I’ve tried the multiplayer beta, and aside from a few odd touch controls, it was a very enjoyable experience. I know Andrew is going to be all over it if he isn’t already.

PlayStation Plus members can experience the evolved classic that is Galaga Legion DX. Why be one versus an alien army when you can get your own army? Then again, isn’t that the basis of The Wonderful 101?

A skip and a jump will take you to this week’s complete list of digital releases.


By Andrew Martins, September 13, 2013 0 Gaming culture, News

If you’re anything like me, the internet is both a blessing and a curse. You’ve got limitless information at your fingertips, but damn those cat videos!

Well, those with a penchant for the brutal are going to have a little more to pass their time with, as the Writers Guild of America award-nominated webseries Mortal Kombat: Legacy will be returning for its second season on Sept. 26.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen and starring Harry Shum, Jr. and Casper Van Dien, the entire season will be made available at once.

While the first season covered some of the fighters’ back stories, this new season looks like we’ll get right down to an actual tournament.

As you’ll see in the teaser trailer after the jump, some major players in the MK universe will be making an appearance, including Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Kenshi.


By Patrick Kulikowski, September 13, 2013 1 Gaming culture, News

If you’ve pre-ordered Koopa Soundworks’ “World 1-2: Encore,” you may want to go back to the group’s Bandcamp page, as the album is now fully available for your ears to take in.

Encore serves as a follow-up album to “World 1-2,” which included originals and game music remixes by acts like Danimal Cannon and Stemage, and even some illustrious game composer names like Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Captain Tsubasa 2) and Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight, Mighty No. 9). Encore sticks strictly to game music for the most part, with acts like Video Game Orchestra, Monomirror and Insert Rupee providing jams from a variety of favorites, including Super Hexagon, Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog.

For $8, you get the digital album in a music format of your choosing. If you’ve somehow missed out on both World 1-2 and Encore, you can fork over $24 (add $6 for U.S. shipping) to get “World 1-2: The Complete Collection,” a physical three-disc compilation of both albums.

I reviewed the album about two weeks ago, and I happened to like it. A lot. If you love videogame music then you owe it to yourself to check it out. Just a word of warning: wear a seatbelt for Video Game Orchestra’s rendition of Super Hexagon’s “Focus” music.

By Allain Richard, September 13, 2013 0 News, PS Vita

While Sony highlighted its press conference in Tokyo with the announcement of a new, slimmer PlayStation Vita, they also announced the PS Vita TV. This small set-top box like device will offer all types of digital media, but for those that don’t live in Asia, hopes of getting it are not entirely in the cards right now.

In a round table interview, SCE President and CEO Andrew House said that the PS Vita TV is currently only planned for Asian markets, beginning with Japan with plans for later releases in China, South Korea and more. No plans are currently set for either a European or North American release. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida hasn’t ruled out the possibility, however, tweeting “we are just saying now ‘PS Vita TV releasing first in Japan’. Stay tuned.”

Stiff competition plays a big role here. While Sony is banking on the chance of being the first to release a set-top box device in Japan, the folks in North America and Europe can already choose between Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

Built for the casual crowd that enjoys showing content to the family, the PS Vita TV is a set-top box that will offer web-browsing, video and music services and gaming content ranging from Vita cartridges to digital PSP and PS1 titles, with the possibility of added support for PS3 games through cloud streaming later on.

Source: Tech On via NeoGAF

By Andrew Martins, September 13, 2013 0 Android, News

There’s a covert console war brewing as we speak. Far behind the frontlines drawn by the likes of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One is an arms race between the handful of companies looking to strike it big with their “small and affordable” Android setups – and a new challenger will be joining the fray next month.

PlayJam’s GameStick will be hitting store shelves for $79.99 in the U.S. and £79.99 in the UK on Oct. 29.

The release date comes just eight months after a successful Kickstarter project raised nearly $650,000 to fund the product’s production back in February.


By Allain Richard, September 12, 2013 0 News, Xbox One

If you enjoy trying out games before buying them, Xbox Live offers a demo version of any game that appears on its online marketplace – be it a few playable levels or a timed trial. However, for those who enjoy trying out games before finalizing a purchase, the Xbox One may have just made it a little harder for you.

Whether it’s an Xbox Live Arcade title or a retail game, the Xbox 360 had a requirement set in place that dictated that every game needed a demo version. The Xbox One is getting rid of this requirement however, matching what Sony is currently doing with the PlayStation 3. This new development was confirmed by Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, who stated that “not all games will have demos like Xbox Live arcade games have had on Xbox 360.”

Although this seems like a step in the wrong direction, Microsoft is looking at alternative ways to offer users the chance to try out new games, along with the ability to play them as they download.

Source: Shacknews via NeoGAF

By Maxwell Coviello, September 12, 2013 0 3DS, Android, iOS

Square Enix has recently announced two portable Final Fantasy titles: a sequel and a prequel as it were. Japanese player’s can expect to see Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call on 3DS next year, with Final Fantasy -Agito- warring its way onto iOS and Android phones sometime soon.

Gematsu reports that the sequel to 2012’s Theatrhythm, subtitled Curtain Call, will be orchestrating its way onto the 3Ds this upcoming Spring 2014. The sequel will feature over 200 new songs, a plethora of characters, and a versus mode. I’m digging that Magitek armor.

In addition to being the bane of spellcheckers everywhere, Final Fantasy: Theatrythm put a refreshing RPG spin on the rhythm genre while tapping into over 25 years worth of sublime Final Fantasy melodies. So far Curtain Call has been announced for Japan only, but it’s highly likely that Western shores will be hitting notes to the tune of “Battle on the Big Bridge” in due time.

In slightly more frustrating news, Japan gets a sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 while Western audiences may only sit and dream of playing this allegedly fantastic Final Fantasy entry. Final Fantasy -Agito- was the original name of the canceled entry to the Fabula Nova Chrystalis universe before it switched from phones to the PSP under the Type-O subtitle, effectively dropping all connections to Final Fantasy XIII’s doomed mythos.

Siloconera’s translation of the Famitsu announcement point to this chapter as being a prequel to the events of Final Fantasy Type-0. The game will be free to play in that you can play as long as you want until your “energy” runs out, and then you’ll have to either wait for a timed restoration or pay real money for items that replenish your “action meter.” The game is said to explore the back story surrounding the wars in the world of Oriense. Job systems will be making a comeback. For a phone title, it’s sounding pretty intricate.

Final Fantasy -Agito- finally coming to phones…it’s like 2006 all over again.

By Patrick Kulikowski, September 12, 2013 0 Humble Bundle, Indie, News

It’s that time again for another insanely good Humble Indie Bundle. This ninth iteration comes with a diverse taste of games, from platformers to stealth action and even a dash of heavy metal.

The main crux of the bundle includes Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta and Brütal Legend. Paying more than the current average ($4.56 at the time of this writing) also nets you Fez and FTL: Faster Than Light. Everything here is cross-platform for Windows, Mac and Linux, and each game comes with a Steam key.

As an added bonus, two soundtracks from Trine 2 as well as the original soundtrack to Brütal Legend are ripe for the taking, alongside Fez and FTL.

Who’s on deck for this one? I own most of these games, but Fez on the PC sounds quite nice. Plus, there’s always the promise of more games popping up on your personal Humble Bundle page in the near future.

By Patrick Kulikowski, September 11, 2013 0 Gaming culture, News

It was a close call, but with only 38 hours left of its campaign, Tommy Tallarico’s Video Games Live: Level 3 has shot past its $250,000 goal.

Tallarico took to the VGL Twitch channel to watch the page hit its goal, extending his thanks to all the backers and answering their questions live. The Earthworm Jim composer had previously revealed that a live acoustic version of “Still Alive” from Portal would be making its way onto the album alongside a DoTA 2 arrangement courtesy of Valve composer Tim Larkin.

To get game music fans psyched for the project, Tallarico has released two orchestral arrangements: an early build of a Street Fighter II medley and an absolutely beautiful rendition of Super Mario World’s various pieces.

At the time of  this writing, the project has 5,030 backers with $255,229 in pledges. The project’s deadline hits on Friday, Sept. 13 at 9:20am EDT.

Source: Kickstarter

By Karen Rivera, September 11, 2013 0 Gaming culture, News

Earlier today, Capcom-Unity Senior Community Manager Brett Elston announced that Capcom will release two Mega Man tribute albums featuring new jams from the likes of OverClocked ReMix and The Protomen later this fall.

OverClocked ReMix will be creating a series of awesome mixes for a Mega Man tribute album titled “For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man.”

The other album, entitled “MM25: Mega Man Rocks,” will feature brand new songs from various artists, including The Protomen, Arm Cannon and X Hunters.  It will also have re-recorded songs from Bit Brigade and The Megas, as well as some curated tunes from Mega Ran and those Protomen.

This news now makes sense given the new song they played at PAX Prime (cough cough), titled “Built to Last.”

The CDs are scheduled to come out as digital downloads, though no official release date has been set.

Source: Capcom-Unity