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 (Editor’s note: In the Postcard Review, members of the Pixelitis staff write small, easily digestible reviews big enough to ‘fit on a postcard’ – hence the title. It can be about the whole experience or just a small piece of the pie. No scores needed.)

Throughout Super Mario Bros.’ history, Nintendo has been constantly prodding at Luigi’s feelings of inadequacy. Finally, after a decade of being in Mario’s shadow, Nintendo threw Luigi a bone and gave him a starring role with GameCube launch title Luigi’s Mansion.

While this was certainly a nice gesture by Nintendo for the faded, lime-green plumber, Luigi now had the crushing responsibility of selling the GameCube. His game would ultimately get compared to Super Mario 64 and had the task of following the golden legacy of the Nintendo 64. No wonder he looks so scared on the box art.

Luigi’s Mansion was the first small disc I put into my GameCube, and while it didn’t set any legendary standards like Mario 64, it’s still a very fun game. I remember being blown away by the visuals. The mansion itself was full of wonderfully minute details. I remember spending hours vacuuming every nook and cranny to see what surprises were creeping up in the dust-filled corner.

The ghost-capturing concept was unique, and while the mansion was by no means scary, I was always on the edge of my seat. Though in retrospect, the giant baby ghost was kind of unsettling.

The game’s a bit too short, and I can’t fully recommend a game where the ‘A’ button simply lets you know how scared you are. But, if for some reason you missed this title and are brave enough to venture into the overlooked corners of the past, you might find some gold. Or dust.

By Andrew Martins, March 30, 2014 0 News, Site news

Welp. It’s finally happened. With PAX East just weeks away, yours truly has finally gone and purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL.

Ever since the early 2000s, I’ve been a Sony handheld user. I loved my PSP-1001 to pieces, eventually got the slimmer PSP-2000 and now with the Vita, it’s been nothing but Killzone: Mercenary, Luftrausers and a whole mess more on a regular basis.

Yet with my tax return having come in only a week or so ago, I felt the itch for a new device and well, there you go. I did manage to capitalize on the sweet deal that offered a free copy of either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

I also can’t wait for PAX East even more now. I can’t wait to StreetPass with all of you wonderful people.

Getting back to regular business, things are still rather hectic behind the scenes here at Pixelitis. We’re still trying to hammer down some more improvements and get things in tip-top shape in the coming weeks. You can’t stop progress and Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that jazz.


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An indie, space combat darling from Kickstarter is making the move from PC to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as Born Ready Games recently announced an April 8 release date for Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut.

Described as the “definitive next-gen” version of Strike Suit Zero, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will feature “a restructured campaign, all new ship models, greatly enhanced textures and lighting, two additional Strike Suits (the Marauder, and the Raptor).”

Detailed comparisons between the original PC ships and those found in the director’s cut can be seen on the game’s official blog.

According to Born Ready Games’ Community Manager Jamin Smith, the new iteration of Strike Suit Zero will allow players to get into a Strike Suit much faster than the original version, along with a number of changes to the game’s overall feel.

“We’ve taken a year’s worth of comments and suggestions on board, too, directly addressing the points of our community and critics,” Born Ready Games’ Community Manager Jamin Smith wrote.

The Heroes of the Fleet campaign, which was previously only available as paid downloadable content, will also be included.

Though this version will be available first on consoles, the folks at Born Ready Games said there will be a PC version coming “later this Spring.”

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut will be available on April 8 on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99. You can check out a trailer for the game after the jump.


By Allain Richard, March 29, 2014 0 News, Weekly Digital Roundup

Here it is guys, the game we’ve all been waiting for for months. That’s right, Skater Cat has hit the Nintendo eShop.

What else has come out this week? Well, nothing other than My Style Studio: Hair Salon. Everything else falls under the radar.

Fez? What’s that? A story about a hat? Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? Bah. Give me the more popular and much better Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts.

Dr. MarioTomb RaiderSonic Lost World? What are these games I never heard of? They all sounds like easily forgettable snore-fest characters. I would recommend you stay with the big titles where you know you can get quality gameplay – especially when it involves cats on skateboards.

Make the jump for some more fluffy skateboarding goodness. P.S. Happy early April Fool’s everyone.


By Allain Richard, March 28, 2014 0 News, Wii U

Fans of Game Boy Advance titles should mark April 3 on their calendars, as the portable console’s titles will be hitting the Wii U Virtual Console.

Nintendo’s U.K. division was the first to break the news that games like F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and Advance Wars will be making their way onto the company’s digital download service for the Wii U. Nintendo of America quickly followed suit, making a similar announcement. Both regions are set to receive the titles on the same day.

Games will be released onto the Wii U Virtual Console in waves next month. So far, some of the titles slated for release include Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Metroid Fusion, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, Golden Sun and Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island.

Do you think Nintendo’s starting GBA VC lineup is overpowering, or do you setting free the best received titles first is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gamersyndrome

By Allain Richard, March 27, 2014 0 News, PC

Cheaters beware – the Titanfall banhammer is fast approaching. As previously reported, Respawn Entertainment has been aware of the rampant cheating that’s been going on since the release of Titanfall earlier this month.

As of March 21, the fledgling game company comprised of former Infinity Ward employees have begun taking action, utilizing the FairFight anti-cheating system to stymie aimbotting and level the playing field a bit. Over the course of their time with the system, Respawn reportedly collected data and have no begun issuing bans for offenders.

Banned players, however, are not locked out of the game. Oh no, that would be too quick and (mostly) painless. Instead, all people found cheating will be placed into matches entirely populated by other cheaters. If that isn’t some Dante’s Inferno style punishment, I don’t know what is.

Those associating with a banned player by joining their parties will also be temporarily marked as a cheater, causing all players to enter the special circle of Hell created by Respawn.

An FAQ was released answering questions anyone may have about the banning process.

By Patrick Kulikowski, March 27, 2014 0 News, PC, WTF?

Remember the movie My Girl with Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Macaulay Culkin?

I certainly do. It was the quintessential tearjerker drama film of the early 90s and it left my child self feeling pretty terrified of bees. And now in the Year of Luigi 2014 it apparently has a browser-based sidescrolling platformer made after it.

According to the game’s creator, Mark Lehand, My Girl the Movie – The Video Game has you “play as Thomas J and live the world of My Girl.   You see and do everything he does in this beautiful interactive experience.”

You can play the game yourself right here. Your arrow keys and the ‘I’ key are all that are required. Good luck with those bees.

I’m still trying to come to terms with what the heck I just played. “Put on his glasses! Put on his glasses!” Jeez.

By Pixelitis Staff, March 26, 2014 0 Features, Pixelitis Picks

Betrayal is painful. Everyone’s experienced it in some form throughout their lives, and it never ceases to be interesting as a plot device. Especially when you least expect it.

Some of us can still remember the first time we were backstabbed by a teammate who decided to uncheck their alliance with you during a match in StarCraft. That was the worst. But I digress, in this week’s Pixelitis Picks we are focusing on the game characters that we (and the in-game protagonists) were deceived by. 

These are our favorite “Et tu, Brute” moments in the games we’ve played, aka those times where we felt like we were being stabbed in the heart by the ones we thought we could trust.

The truth hurts sometimes.

Beware, heavy spoilers follow for Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, BioShock and Portal 2.


By Patrick Kulikowski, March 25, 2014 10 Features, Staff Musings

(Editor’s Note: Patrick’s views are his own and do not reflect on Pixelitis as a whole, but we expect everyone to be kind and remember Wheaton’s Law. Also, this article contains heavy spoilers for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and mentions of disturbing sexual violence.)

Leading up to the last week’s release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, both Konami and series creator Hideo Kojima stressed that it would ruffle a few feathers with its grittier style of storytelling.

After playing through Ground Zeroes, it dawned on me that he really wasn’t kidding.

During a preview event for MGSV in Tokyo, Kojima said he was “already thinking about sensitive things” during the writing process for MGSV.

“If we don’t cross that line, if we don’t make attempts with what we want to express, if we don’t go beyond that, we won’t be able to achieve what movies or novels have achieved,” Kojima said. “It’s trying to go beyond what the original media was supposed to be. If we don’t go this far, games will never be considered as culture.”

And the nine-minute long E3 2013 trailer for The Phantom Pain gave us a glimpse into the controversial themes that we can expect: child soldiers, torture and ruthless executions.

While the release of MGSV’s prologue has given us an early glimpse into how dark the series can get, it was one moment of jaw-dropping, sexual violence that personally left me with chills as the credits rolled. (more…)

By Andrew Martins, March 24, 2014 0 News, PS Vita

A new system software update for Sony’s PlayStation Vita will broaden the handheld’s home screen, provide better memory management and bring a couple of other features when it’s made available later today.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment America Platform Marketing member Sharon Kapitula, the update will also come with a calendar application that can sync with Google Calendar and the ability to make and send voice messages to other Vita and PlayStation 4 users.

Currently, Vita systems have a hard limit of 100 applications at a time on the home screen, limiting the system’s use even with much higher capacity memory cards. With the new update, users will be able to cram their home screens with up to 500 applications at once.

In an effort to wrangle how a system’s memory card is used, update 3.10 will also reportedly update the Content Manager application, adding a “Manage Content on Memory Card” section which will allow users to see memory usage and filter it by the content type.

Additionally, the calendar application will reportedly allow users to share upcoming events from the aforementioned Calendar app with other PlayStation Network users via email or the system’s Messages app.

System software update 3.10 will be the first update to the Vita’s system software since update 3.01 last December.

As of this posting, there’s no official time for when the update will go live. We will try to update the story once that time becomes available.