By Andrew Martins, April 14, 2014 0 News, PAX East '14, Xbox One

This past weekend, more than 100 indie titles vied for the hearts, minds and attention spans of thousands of gamers attending PAX East 2014. While most devs were showing their wares to a captive audience, one unassuming simulator dealing in soft drinks announced its move into the latest generation of console hardware.

Soda Drinker Pro, a game that allows players to do what they’ve probably done a million times before, will be coming to the Xbox One via the company’s ID@Xbox initiative.

“We are truly excited to have the opportunity to release Soda Drinker Pro for the Xbox One,” the game’s developer Will Brierly said in a prepared statement. “We have been working hard to fine-tune the fluid dynamics, from the condensation on the cup to the carbonated bubbles that float up the straw, this is something we are so proud to release for the Xbox One.”

Prior to the convention, Brierly announced the game was making its way on to new hardware, but was coy with the delivery of his announcement, asking that those interested would have to come to the game’s booth on the show floor.

According to Brierly, though the game already features “more than 100 simulations,” the Xbox One version will have 10 pieces of new platform exclusive content, including Kinect support, a “hyper-realistic simulation mode” and achievements.

A new “Vivian Clark” experience was also touted by Brierly, which will reportedly bring better graphics and gameplay and “500 percent more content” than the vanilla version already out on PC and Mac.

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In an industry where corporate dollars for unknown quantities like indie games are extremely limited, Kickstarter has been the de facto hub for developers to get their projects funded.

While many popular titles exist to this day because of crowdsourcing, there are those that never see the light of day after failing to meet their goal.

Then there’s the rare occasion that a publisher takes notice and plucks such a title back from the brink.


By Allain Richard, April 13, 2014 0 News, Weekly Digital Roundup

In space, no one can hear you scream… except in games and movies. Could you imagine how boring if the realism of space was added to games? Just… a whole lot of quiet? It would be maddening.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut has been released on multiple consoles. If you want sweet space battles with a mech suit that can overpower hoards of enemies, then this is for you. Plus I was always surprised that I could play the original Strike Suit Zero on the highest settings on my older PC with no hiccups. Very well polished indeed. And yes, it sounds awesome.

The second batch of GBA titles has reached the Wii U Virtual Console in the shape of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. So our choices this week is between a cooperative suck-fest and crazy fast minigames.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 has hit the PS2 classics, available on PS3. For those that didn’t pick up Persona 4 Golden on Vita, this is your chance to have fun playing as a high school student. It’s a lot more fun than it might sound. There’s fighting… and Teddie’s voice (and bear puns) is simply golden.

Make the jump for the full list of sweet sounding digital titles available this week.


By Karen Rivera, April 11, 2014 0 Features, PAX East 2014, Staff Musings

As fans of videogames and nerd culture, the staff of Pixelitis has always strived to share the efforts of fans and people who dress up and enjoy their favorite fandoms. As such, we’ve taken steps to spotlight the hard work and dedication of cosplayers over the years.

But speaking for myself as an editor and photographer, it’s safe to say I’ve run into a few awkward conundrums involving cosplayers.

As the pool of gamers and people that participate in nerd culture grows by the day, there’s still a lot left to be said for respecting one’s space, especially as male or female cosplayers. Gender-bending cosplay is becoming more common, as I saw in NYCC last year. I value the expression put behind the amazing costumes, but just because the characters they portray are dressed a certain way does not make them targets for bigotry or sexism.

Since we’re here at PAX East, now might be a good time to discuss how we share our enthusiasm in a way that everyone can get behind.  (more…)

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Supergiant Games, makers of the indie hit Bastion, have recently unveiled a release date for their upcoming turn-based action RPG: Transistor.

On the developer’s website, Supergiant has stated that Transistor‘s release date will be May 20. The game will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PC for $19.99.

Most importantly, Supergiant will be discussing Transistor in even more detail this weekend at PAX East. What a coincidence! Some of our very own Pixelitis staff will be there too. Stay posted for more information and discoveries.

Transistor seems  visually similar to Bastion but the aesthetic leans towards sci-fi rather than the frontier-western-dystopia we all know and love. In addition to its addicting simple gameplay, Bastion also made a name for itself with its narrator-driven story and stellar soundtrack. While Transistor seems to be a very different game than its predecessor, the game is certainly in good hands.

I think we’re in for a treat come May 20.

By Stephen Hilger, April 10, 2014 5 Features, Humor, Staff Musings

(Editor’s note: Following Tuesday’s major Super Smash Bros. reveal, our very own Stephen Hilger decided to channel Captain Falcon in what he believes would be the F-Zero superstar’s feelings on his glaring omission from the game’s roster. Think of this as a humorous editorial, rather than the ravings of a madman…)

To Whom It May Concern,

I debated for hours whether to address this letter to Nintendo, Namco Bandai, Sora Ltd, Masahiro Sakurai himself, the fans or my fellow smash bros, but since you’ve all stopped replying to my calls, tweets and Xanga messages, I thought I’d publish my thoughts for all to see.

Now reader, if you have the time, I’d love to show you my feelings

One question in particular bothers me:



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Videogame metal supergroup Metroid Metal has pulled a surprise twist on the game music scene today with the release of a new album entitled “Other Album.”

The album, whose title is an obvious tongue-in-cheek reference to the Wii’s Metroid: Other M, features 40 minutes of metal covers of tracks from Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime, Metroid 2 and Super Metroid. While previous albums, such as 2010′s “Expansion Pack” were recorded and heavily edited, this new entry is full of live takes and unedited drums sans replacements. Because of this approach, the band states that they consider it the “most visceral, pounding and dark album [they've] done.”

As a bonus, the album also contains a cover song from Vince DiCola’s Transformers: The Movie soundtrack, because why the hell not?

The digital album will run you $6 on Bandcamp, with the physical digipak going for $8. You can get a load of their trailer for the new album after the break (protip: turn up your speakers).

So, who will I see rock out with me to this band on Friday at 8:30 p.m. EST at PAX East this weekend?


By Patrick Kulikowski, April 8, 2014 1 3DS, News, Wii U

Nintendo’s latest Super Smash Bros.-oriented Choksetsu Direct livestream aired at 6 p.m. EST, bringing with it a whole slew of new information regarding the game.

Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai kicked off the stream by announcing that the 3DS version will be releasing before the Wii U edition. The former can be expected this summer, with the Wii U release slated for Winter 2014.

The stream announced a plethora of details about both versions, including the fact that the 3DS version will be running at a solid 60fps even with the 3D turned on. Fighters with alternate forms like Zelda/Sheik and Samus/Zero Suit Samus will now be divided into separate characters.

While Sakurai remained mum on 3DS/Wii U connectivity, he did outline both games’ online multiplayer, which will include fights between friends and random match-making. The stream closed off with the reveal of two new entries in the roster: Charizard, who is now a separate playable character and presumably replacing the Pokemon Trainer and newcomer Greninja.

For all of the minute details from the stream (as well as an image gallery), hit up the list after the break. Super Smash Bros. fanatics may want to strap on an oxygen mask.

And might I add that the lack of ANY mentions of Ness or Lucas in this stream is incredibly disconcerting?


By Karen Rivera, April 8, 2014 0 News, PC, PS4

First we had the teaser trailer.

Now Dennaton Games has pushed out its latest trailer for the highly anticipated Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

We get to see the gameplay in action, with dual gun wielding now included. There’s a lot of pixelated blood and gore in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, typical Dennaton style. And there’s a chainsaw. The trailer, titled “Dual Tone,” also features the musical mastery of Carpenter Brut.

The game is still set as single player, however. Responding to a tweetHotline Miami 2 will have two playable characters controlled by a single player in tandem as part of the storyline. Featuring multiple playable characters, the game unfolds in brutal fashion, elaborating more on the twisted horrors in pursuit of blood.

It certainly left me a bit haunted.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is set for release in Q3 2014 for both PC and PlayStation 4. The game will also be playable at PAX East this weekend.

Hit the jump for the trailer.  (more…)

By Andrew Martins, April 7, 2014 0 Multiplatform, News

Weeks after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, series creator Hideo Kojima is asking fans via Twitter for their feedback after beating the game.

According to Kojima, the team behind the highly anticipated follow-up, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will utilize feedback to make the game more appealing to fans.

The call out to fans for their input isn’t the first following the release of Ground Zeroes. Kojima Productions’ Senior Producer Ken Imaizumi also took to Twitter to ask fans for their comments, specifically mentioning the game’s controls.

So far, fans have asked for everything from full translations of the game to their native languages to the return of David Hayter as the voice of Big Boss.

Fans have also begun showing off photos of their 100 percent completion of Ground Zeroes, saying that it took them upwards of 18 hours to complete.

Though there certainly were aspects of MGSV: GZ that proved more vexing than others, it’s always a good thing when a creator in any medium seeks constructive criticism. We’ll find out if that criticism helps the final product when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain comes out sometime next year.