Weekend Roundup: The Foosball edition


What better way to celebrate the great pastime of football than to show a high-action shot of the game in action on the night of the World Series. Such power. Just majesty.

This past week there was a whole mess of stuff to read about. After the break, you can check out a cool new Pokemon game that’s not being made by Game Freak and an official release date for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V.



30-cent Wii U Virtual Console titles dated

Logitech plans to stop developing console accessories

Report: Retro Studios hires former Vigil employees

4chan users making a crowdsourced Pokémon clone

Feb. 1 is “Game Day 2013″ according to Sony

Scott Pilgrim DLC launches on XBLA Feb. 6

Preorders open up for North American Muramasa Vita release

Kickstarter for Gamestick nears end, new design revealed

Crytek comes to America, hires ex-Vigil staff

Insomniac on Full Frontal Assault Vita: “Contact Sony”

Disney shuts down Junction Point studios

Grand Theft Auto V releases Sept. 17, later than anticipated

Planescape: Torment sequel name and composer revealed

Ambitious Torchlight II mod features new classes and enemies

News regarding PlayStation’s future coming soon

Skyrim DLC dates confirmed for PlayStation 3

The composer behind Elder Scrolls wants to do a concert

Digital Download Roundup: Maximum Beta

Free Draggle DLC making its way to Ni no Kuni

Team Meat’s Mew-Genics coming to Steam

CD Projekt RED unveils their secret weapon – the REDengine 3

Report: Fire Emblem: Awakening shipping error brings delays


Postcard Review: Only a little looney

Liner Notes XII: “No One-Winged Angel.”

Pixelitis Picks: Biggest tearjerker endings

Rage of the Day: A collage of confusion

So I Heard You Like Cosplay: Hitman


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