Weekend Roundup: Getting too old


You know, I learned something this weekend.

When you’re coming up on 27 years-old and you decide to go out for a night of raucous activities involving multiple Jack & Cokes in used water bottles and a college after party, you’re going to feel it the next day. I’m getting too old for this $&*!.

In the interest of keeping this Weekend Roundup brief, I’ll just let you know that you’ll be able to listen to The Pixelitis Podcast on your iDevices through iTunes, your Windows Phones on the Zune Marketplace and every other device via Stitcher Radio in a week. Of course you’ll still be able to listen on the actual site, too.

As usual, our stories for the last week are after the break.


Project X Zone’s crossing overseas this summer

Kaz Hirai: ‘Your move, Microsoft.’

Andrew McCutchen is MLB 13: The Show cover athlete

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate can be completed in around 16 hours

Resident Evil Revelations is going multiplatform

The Last of Us to showcase ‘survival’ in a ‘post-pandemic’ world

January 2013 Nintendo Direct Blowout: Wind Waker HD?!

THQ officially closes its doors

Zelda Wii U to “Rethink the conventions of Zelda”

Cave Story designer’s lesser known games coming to 3DS eShop

Anime and fishing go hand in hand on the Vita

So long, and thanks for the Metal Slug

Classics available for cheap on the Wii U eShop

Deck your Borderlands 2 character in more awesome gear

You can now access the NA Playstation Store with a web browser

Ready your pulse rifles, Aliens: Colonial Marines has gone gold

Developer feedback forges the OUYA controller

On Feb. 19, AC3 DLC pits Connor versus Washington

Digital Download Roundup: $0.30 NES games and cave spelunking

Half-Life available on Steam for OSX

Sawfly Studio formed from the ashes of Sony Liverpool

Namco Bandai denies accusations of collusion with reseller

Dragonborn expansion ready for preorder on Steam

Total War: Shogun 2 getting a Gold Edition


Postcard Review: Do a barrel roll!

Videogame Virgin: Diablo and Whack-A-Mole

Pixelitis Picks: The best games to play on the can

So I Heard You Like Cosplay: Wind Waker

Mobile iPix: Neuroshima Hex


The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 33 – Double Polish


Resident Evil Revelations screenshots

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow – Mirror of Fate screenshots


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