Weekend Roundup: Envy has a name…


…and its name is Nexus 10.

I mean, sweet sassy-molassy. I got the chance to place my grubby mitts on one of those bad boys and I really have to tell you guys – it’s pretty. Like ‘stands toe-to-toe with the latest iPad’ pretty.

Now in all honesty, anyone who knows me knows I’m a major Android user. I rocked the original Droid back in the day and I’m currently inseparable from my Galaxy Nexus. When Google announced they were releasing a 10 inch Nexus tablet, I was in before I saw it. That being said, I was not prepared for how crisp the actual screen is. And it should be crisp; the Nexus 10 is closer to Steve Jobs’ Retina display than the fourth generation iPad.

All fanboy-ness aside, this week’s roundup as everything we posted over the last seven days. There’s news about an Uncharted card game for the Vita and a sequel to Hotline Miami. It’s all there for you after the break.

And remember. If any of you are aspiring to become an editor on Pixelitis… Just know it’s got a $500 price tag.*

*Not true.


Uncharted series getting the trading card treatment

Nintendo one step ahead of pirates in Japan

Dark Horse reveals collector’s edition of Hyrule Hystoria

Robot Chicken to riff on PS All-Stars: Battle Royale tonight

Vote for the “world’s greatest Final Fantasy Super Fan”

PlayStation Store Update: Intercourse and Sweets

Hotline Miami 2 is currently in development

The ‘Great White North’ gets ‘Mini’ red Wii next week

A Final Fantasy game is comprised of…

Barkley Gaiden 2 Kickstarter opens to boisterous donations [UPDATE]

Nintendo Store Update: RPG dev makes an airport simulator

Black Friday console sales report has some big numbers

Videogame wishlist at the MoMA

The latest Humble Bundle offers a line of THQ games

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD coming to Vita this month

Sony possibly making a DualShock 3/Move hybrid controller

So the Bioshock: Infinite box art happened

Ouya dev consoles shipping at the end of the month


Postcard Review: Droppin’ bombs Gandhi style

Videogame Virgin: Defender and the death of the arcade

Pixelitis Picks: All those peculiar game commercials

So I Heard You Like Cosplay: Street Fighter

Mobile iPix: An endlessly running blast from the past

Postcard Review: Paragon Lost

Newest VGdrum video blasts through like an X-Buster shot


Review: Code of Princess

Review: Halo 4


The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 25 – Stroke my bald eagle


VGdrum: Mega Man X3 – “Opening Stage”

Metro: Last Light – “Preacher” trailer

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two launch trailer


TANK! TANK! TANK! screenshots


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