Virtual Boy games could come to the 3DS


While Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was a big commercial flop, its games, which were unique at the time, may be getting revived as part of the 3DS’s Virtual Console.

At a shareholder meeting, it was suggested by someone that they would like to see Virtual Boy games added to the 3DS Virtual Console, along with the existing library of NES, Game Gear, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave them an answer that may not necessarily be a “yes,” but it isn’t a definite “no” either.

“I cannot talk about any unannounced products on occasions like this, but Virtual Boy is a game console Nintendo launched in the past that allows players to experience a 3D world in black and red only by just looking into it. It was not a commercial success, but some say that it was an attractive and extremely unique product by the standards at that time. I believe your comment is that we should take advantage of our software assets from Virtual Boy and I would like to take note of that advice for the future.”

While the Virtual Boy used primitive 3D technology, porting these games on the 3DS could be a saving grace for the few unique 3D games that not many gamers got to experience, such as Mario Clash.

Source: Siliconera


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