Videogame wishlist at the MoMA


In a medium that has grown exponentially in the past few years, it can be hard to really pin in down what exactly a vidoegame is. One question at the forefront of any videogame discussion is the question as to whether or not videogames can be considered “art.”

Some may remember the exhibit at the Smithsonian, but the Museum of Modern Art won’t be left out as they strive to create their own exhibition on videogames. MoMA’s exhibition is slated for March 2013 opening, but is still looking for what exactly constitutes “artistic” in a videogame.

The main difference between the two exhibits will be their selection criteria, with the MoMA selection aiming to take into consideration a multitude of parameters.

Our criteria, therefore, emphasize not only the visual quality and aesthetic experience of each game, but also the many other aspects—from the elegance of the code to the design of the player’s behavior—that pertain to interaction design.

Instead of just dealing with the visual aspect, the exhibit intends to take into consideration the defining feature of videogames; the idea that they are part of an interactive media. In doing so, they broaden the types of games that can be included, making for an eclectic mix of classic and modern videogame techniques. Games such as Pac-Man, Portal, and Myst have already made the cut, while games like Chrono Trigger, Space Invaders, and Legend of Zelda are awaiting hopeful confirmation.

The details of the required criteria of each of the games is quite extensive, dealing with behavior, aesthetics, space, and time. Not only will you learn what the art of videogames is considered to be, but also the inner workings of what makes something a “videogame” to begin with.

Source: MoMA


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