Valve brings Steam Machines in 2014, beta test this year

Steam Teaser

Steam is coming to your living room and Valve is not kidding around.

After the announcement of SteamOS on Monday, most people assumed that the long rumored Steam Box would be the next logical step towards Valve securing a permanent spot on all of our televisions. Today, we were treated to the reveal of something that sort of resembles those rumors: Steam Machines.

In 2014, Valve will introduce a line of Steam gaming machines to market, all of which will be running SteamOS. These will be made by different manufacturers and will vary in price, performance and even size. The consumer can then take advantage of the upcoming Steam-centric operating system while also catering to their specific needs. It’s like a weird hybrid of a console and a PC which, to most PC gamers, probably sounds great.

As with most Valve initiatives, lots of things are coming together and the “big picture” is becoming clearer (see what I did there?). The recent announcement of family sharing between Steam accounts fits right in here too. Valve sees a family of Steam users who each has his or her own library with a personal computer, but can come together in one place (their Steam Machine) to play games on the TV. Thanks to the new “In-home Streaming” feature of SteamOS, there are no restrictions on what games this applies to.

If this sounds like something you’d be into, Valve is running a beta test to try out a Steam Machine this year. Head over to the announcement page to read about how to be one of the lucky few who get to test out this new initiative.

Valve still has one more announcement up its sleeve, which is scheduled to be revealed on Friday, Sept. 27. Make sure to check back to find out what “O + O” means to you and why you might want it in your living room.


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