Sony possibly making a DualShock 3/Move hybrid controller

Prototype controller

When you look at the controllers of each Playstation, it’s obvious that Sony was never keen on making drastic design changes. Well, we almost had the boomerang controller for the PS3, but Sony did the usual and opted out for the familiar instead. Then later on, Sony came out with the PlayStation Move, their first dedicated motion controller.

It seems like they’ve been hard at work brainstorming new ideas for controllers. In fact, Sony has recently come out and revealed a patent for a new controller design that is basically a DualShock 3 and two Move controllers combined together. What’s interesting about this design is that the controller can be split in the middle, essentially bundling together the best of both controllers.

If Sony decides to actually produce it and bring it to the market, would you consider buying it? If anything, you technically get three controllers for the price of one, and that sounds like a good deal to me.

Source: Kotaku


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