[UPDATE] Final Fantasy Type-0, Other Titles Not Coming to Vita Just Yet

Final Fantasy Type-0

UPDATE: The picture included in this article is indeed a fake and is believed to have originated from 4chan. Regardless of the disappointment this news may have caused I’d also like to remind our readers that we should be expecting the announcement of some new Playstation Vita games tomorrow morning. The original story can still be read below.

Eurogamer reported today that they received a tip on the listing of four different unannounced Playstation Vita games at Play.com, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, Monster Hunter Portable 3, and Tales of Innocence R.

What’s interesting to note is that only Tales of Innocence R has actually been formally announced (and released) in any region. Both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Monster Hunter 3 appear on different platforms without a Vita announcement, and there has been no news of a Grand Theft Auto game for Vita anywhere.

I know this sounds totally awesome, but don’t get too excited just yet. You see, there are “rumors” (with a wink) and then there are rumors. The former are the finds with sources that all but confirm the validity of the statement, for example the Assassin’s Creed 3 reveal. Then there are rumors, such as this one, that seem very legitimate but following the trail that leads to the source of this speculation casts a glimmer of doubt upon the whole issue. As much as I want Final Fantasy Type-0 to come stateside with all my hopes, dreams, and prayers I can’t rest easy just yet.

Eurogamer credits reader el_pollo_diablo with finding the picture that seems to be the smoking gun towards the truth of these claims. With the impending reveal of new Vita games on Friday, many were willing to accept this claim as truth. Some astute forum goers on NeoGAF dug a little deeper and found that this may not be as true as we think it is. The biggest issue being that el_pollo_diablo has admitted that he did not grab the screen shot himself, rather he found it online and forwarded it to Eurogamer.

With a truly anonymous source behind the info, and one employee at Play.com confirming that the only one of these titles that they actually have listed in their system is Monster Hunter, the whole issue seems a bit shady. SquareEnix and Namco have both responded to requests for confirmation with “No Comment” which doesn’t get us any where in figuring heads or tails in this case, but I assure you that we will bring you an update when we can verify whether this is truly real or fake.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is currently my most anticipated game, and after a friend nearly scared me to death today when he swore up and down that the Vita couldn’t play used games I’m not sure how much more Vita heartbreak I can take!

Source: Eurogamer | Kotaku


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