[Rumor] A little bit of Mass Effect with your Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Today, Siliconera reported that a source has informed them that we can expect a Mass Effect inspired costume coming down the pipeline.

A Mass Effect costume does make some sense when you consider the parallels made between the two games. Couple that with the fact Mass Effect 3 launches soon and both companies may want to capitalize on it’s popularity. No other information was given, but if it is indeed true this is very exciting news!

One of the biggest surprises when DLC was announced for Final Fantasy XIII-2 was the inclusion of an Assassin’s Creed costume for Noel. Final Fantasy crossovers may not be unheard of, but they are certainly a rare thing especially when you consider that Ubisoft is a western game company and Assassin’s Creed has relatively little in common with Final Fantasy.

Square-Enix gives their games plenty of media saturation in Japan, and offers a wide array of products for their most successful franchises. A great bulk of that is lost in the transition from east to west, but this latest move could be considered another baby step in Square-Enix’s attempt to better connect with their western audiences. First Assassin’s Creed, now Mass Effect, I wonder what the next big cross over with Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be?

Source: Siliconera


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