Rayman Legends’ single player restricts classic platforming


Glossing over some video footage of the demonstrations held for several Wii U games after Nintendo’s press conference at New York City this past Thursday, I came across a tidbit regarding Rayman Legends that may prove worrisome for those looking to run and jump on their own.

In the game’s co-op mode, Rayman Legends tasks up to four players with Wii remotes or Wii U Pro controllers to run and jump through the levels in classic Rayman style. An additional fifth player handles Murphy, a guardian controlled by the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen that is tasked with manipulating enemies and obstacles along the way.

Ubisoft’s Emile Morel was on hand to take questions during a Rayman Legends demo, and one pertinent question by an individual set off a whole bunch of speculation regarding how the game plays in single player mode.

The question stated was:

“So, can you play this game alone with just the GamePad, having the computer control the extra features, such as the platform?”

Morel’s response:

“That’s a question we get a lot, of course, is ‘how do you play the game when you’re alone’ and can you play it with the GamePad? So actually, yes you can. So, you play controlling Murphy with the GamePad and on the screen on the TV and also on the screen of the Wii U GamePad, you will have an automatic Rayman controlled by an AI. Basically, you have to open the paths for him, you have to kill enemies for him, to make sure he will survive so basically you are the protector of Rayman.”

When asked whether players can skip the Murphy business and simply platform as Rayman, Morel stated that “in these levels when you are alone, you can’t play Rayman, you have to play with Murphy. But, not the whole game is like this. You have specific levels for Murphy and the GamePad, and also more classic levels when you are playing Rayman from beginning to end.”

Morel remarked that a good portion of the game’s single player will require one to play as Murphy, explaining that it’s meant to usher in a new gameplay experience:

“We want to make sure that when people buy the Wii U and buy this game, they can play with the GamePad even if they don’t have friends that want to play with them, it’s important to us that they can use the device and have a new gameplay experience.”

You can tell by the amount of dislikes on Nintendo World Report’s Youtube video that Rayman fans are not enthused by this design choice. For some, the fact that you’ll be required to play a large part of the game as Murphy in the single player while Rayman’s actions are controlled by AI seems ludicrous. For others, this may make for a nice change-up from your standard platforming fair.

Personally, I’d rather Ubisoft give the player the option to either handle the guardian-like powers of Murphy or the run-punch-jump nature of Rayman, instead of forcing one or the other for certain levels. Ultimately, we’ll have to see how this will pan out when the game is released sometime after the Wii U’s November 18 launch.

Source: Nintendo World Report Youtube


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