PlayStation 4 to stream older titles and demos via Gaikai


Over the course of Sony’s roughly two hour reveal of the PlayStation 4, one of the words that kept popping up from company representatives and developers alike was “immediacy.”

Part of the console’s mantra, as described in the conference, was to streamline the user experience to the point that there was no discernible wait time. One way the console is slated to do just that was described by Gaikai CEO and co-founder Dave Perry, revealing that digital game purchases and demos would reportedly work right away.

According to Perry, the PS4 will be able to stream content while downloading it in the background. If the feature works as described, the often prohibitive download speeds on the current PlayStation Network could be eliminated all together.

Though the technology behind PlayStation Cloud is still in the works, Sony has reportedly backed a project that Perry said could potentially create “the fastest global network ever made” in order to facilitate the service.

Perry also said that games from PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 could theoretically be streamed to the new console, essentially relegating backwards compatibility to the cloud instead of using a hardware or software solution.

“This would fundamentally change the concept of game longevity,” Perry said. “Imagine having acces to all the old games you love and the ability to get them up and running in seconds wherever you are, on whatever device you have near you.”

Games could also be accessible not only on the PS4 or the Vita, but also on tablets and other mobile devices in the future.

“We’re exploring some very unique opportunities, enabled by cloud technology, with the long term vision of PS3 games ubiquitous on any device,” Perry said.

No other information regarding launch date or cost for the service was given at the event, though we’re sure to hear more about it at E3.

So what do you think? Does this service sound like something you would use? Let us know in the comments.


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