Patch 3.6 adds new map and champion to League of Legends

The howling

Last night Riot Games released a preview of their next major patch for League of Legends. Patch 3.6 gives an introduction to their newest champion, Lissandra the Ice Witch and a graphical upgrade to two of their existing champions (Sejuani and Trundle). As well, the patch introduces game play balances to various other champions.

Perhaps Riot Game’s biggest addition to LoL is the official recognition of player created All Random and All Mid (ARAM) custom matches with the introduction of Howling Abyss, a reskin and revamp of The Proving Grounds map.

The Proving Grounds was originally used as a tutorial level offered to new players to understand the basic game play mechanics of an average League match. The area was kept in as one of the maps players could select when creating a custom game and meant for teams or single players to fight head to head to test each other’s skills in combat and team work.

ARAM introduces custom games where players can join the match and have a randomly selected champion be assigned to them. Of course, the fun comes from players quickly adapting to their champion’s builds and item sets. The maps were originally organized and maintained by the LoL community, but with this new patch ARAM games get the full support of Riot Game’s matchmaking services that they offer with their Twisted Tree-line, Dominion and Summoner’s Rift maps.

The patch went live this week and map and champion are playable right now.


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