Panopticon revealed to be… something mysterious


As the timer reached a million years, the trailer for Panopticon was revealed. More head scratching is abound with this mysterious yet intriguing Japanese Sony-developed title.

Although no gameplay was shown, it seems like Panopticon could potentially be an action RPG similar to Monster Hunter, or a JRPG that’s heavily reliant on cutscenes to tell the story.

Even though it’s not a prison break game as I had anticipated, I wasn’t too far off the mark. Although the trailer opens up a lot of questions, it’s pretty clear that the game’s story involves those in higher power imprisoning people and sending them off to fight against big monsters. These people are then closely monitored. The reasoning behind it is still a mystery.

And what’s with everyone having a count over their head? One can surmise that everyone in the game’s world is born with a “million year,” a similar concept found in the film In Time. You can see a quick glimpse of it in action in the reveal trailer, which shows militaristic oppression and a male character heavily shaving off his million-year count by trying to save a girl, all in stylized cel-shading.

Although no platform has been specified just yet, more about the game will be revealed this upcoming Tuesday, May 21.

Source: PlayStation Japan


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