Original Devil May Cry’s ending influenced by…Star Fox?


Remember how seemingly out-of-place the original Devil May Cry’s ending was? No? Let me refresh your memory (and just as a precaution: spoilers for an eleven-year old game follow).

Following the final, final battle with Mundus, Dante and Trish are trapped in a collapsing basement, when suddenly the biplane that players come across earlier in the game falls through the ceiling, giving them a means of escape from the island.

After a short interactive segment where the player dodges and shoots at boulders, the pair whizzes out of the island and into the clear blue sky, accompanied by a soaring orchestral piece. For a game that was all about slaying demons in a most bloody and stylish fashion, it had an ending fit for a Disney movie.

I was curious about the reasoning behind the biplane escape, so I took to Twitter and asked Devil May Cry director/current Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya himself about it. His response made a ton of sense:

“Cuz I love StarFox!capcom.co.jp/devil/storyboa… RT@PatrickKul Finished DMC recently. Still a super fun game. Why the bi-plane at the end though?”

Kamiya’s link will take you to a Capcom storyboard of the game’s ending sequence, where towards the bottom you’ll notice a little illustration of his with a curious detail to it: an Arwing flying alongside the biplane. So this biplane escape is essentially his way of incorporating Star Fox-like theatrics to his games.

Hey Nintendo: commission this man to direct the next Star Fox title.



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