Nintendo dreams big for future of videogame movies

Nintendo Movie

From Super Mario Bros. to Street Fighter, when we look back at the history of videogame movies, there’s not much good to look at. Maybe converting the interactivity of a videogame to a straightforward film isn’t such a good idea? Well, Nintendo may one day challenge that formula.

Speaking to Kotaku, Eiji Aonuma said if a film company were to ever make a film based on Link’s adventures in Hyrule, he would want it to bring a level of interactivity to the theater.

“This is something that me and Mr. Miyamoto talked about,” Aonuma said. “If we were to make a Zelda [movie] title, if we had interest in doing that, I think really what would be most important to us is to be able to play with the format of a movie, make it more interactive, like you’re able to take your 3DS into the theater and that leads you into participating in it somehow. We wouldn’t want to make it the same as any other movie. We want to somehow change what a movie is.”

A similar concept was tested by Disney when they had iPad owners interact with The Little Mermaid through games and sing-along. While I think a dark theater full of bright 3DS screens would be very distracting, I think Nintendo has a great idea going on that could potentially get gamers to go to the theater more often.

Source: Kotaku via Polygon


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