Mega Man Legends 3 fans bestow gifts upon Capcom USA


Internet activists “Get Me Off the Moon” are far from calling it quits when it comes to vouching for the canceled 3DS title. This is especially made evident by a gift the group had in store for Capcom USA personnel over the weekend.

Capcom USA hosted a massive community event at its HQ in San Mateo, California this past Saturday, June 29, where Monster Hunter fans could bring their 3DS handhelds and Wii Us to participate in a massive Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate-playing party.

One of the attendees happened to be Skybane, an admin from the MML3 fan group, who not only bestowed hand-crafted Mega Man bead art upon community manager Brett Elston and Senior Vice President Christian Svensson, but pixel art recreations of both Capcom associates, as well as community liaison Greg Moore. It’s interesting to note that while the Mega Man art was created by a fan named Tony Pancione, the Capcom staff bead sprites were done by Zong Hui, the creator of the company-sanctioned fangame Street Fighter x Mega Man.

Skybane also gave Svensson a MML3 concept album that came with original compositions and remixes inspired by the unfinished game, and showed off a trailer of an upcoming 8-bit Mega Man Legends 3 fangame that’s being worked on by Legends composer Makoto Tomozawa and designer Hideki Ishikawa. As a final gift, the fans have translated a Mega Man Legends 3 “Rocket Launch” short film into Japanese, which Svensson promised he would show to the Capcom folks in Japan.

Good to see a fanbase that hasn’t given up on a game that it so badly wants to see resurrected. Here’s hoping that Capcom USA can show off the fruits of this passion to the higher-ups in Japan.

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