Male Wii Fit Trainer joins the fight


The latest screenshot from the official Super Smash Bros. website has confirmed that the male Wii Fit Trainer will also be joining the upcoming Wii U and 3DS games’ rosters.

Since there is no character page for him, one can safely assume he will be an alternate costume for the female Wii Fit Trainer.

With this inclusion, it’s possible we might see more characters that simply exist as an aesthetic double to other pre-existing characters. Dark Link and Daisy have have appeared as costumes for Peach and Link respectively.

We’ll just have to wait it out and see. Hopefully the next update will be revealed soon. Here’s hoping for Dixie Kong.


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Stephen Hilger is a recent graduate of Rutgers University. He has a BA in English and his favorite word is "tepid." His involvement with video games most heavily began with ""Duck Hunt" and it has been a blossoming relationship ever since. In addition to writing for Pixelitis, Stephen is also a stand-up comedian and involved in the performing arts both as an actor and writer.

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