Kickstarter for Gamestick nears end, new design revealed


It’s been 27 days since we last reported on the ambitious Kickstarter campaign for PlayJam’s GameStick and with the hours counting down until it’s officially backed, the company has pulled back the curtain on the device’s final design.

The Android-based “portable console’s” new controller features a more ergonomic looking design, which PlayJam’s CMO Anthony Johnson said came about by listening to the same people that helped fund the GameStick.

“The Kickstarter campaign has been a roller coaster of a ride and one which has given us more feedback than we could ever have possibly imagined.” Johnson said. “We have been able to take that input and literally better shape our product to give our backers a truly bespoke creation – one which has been designed by the Kickstarter community that backed it.”

The new version comes 11 days after the company also announced the GameStick Dock, an accessory that adds the following: wireless charging of the GameStick’s controller; the ability to act as a “connectivity hub with an ethernet port, three USB ports and an HDMI port; allow for up to 104 GB of storage; and as an “Active Power Slot” that allows users to “power and operate [the] GameStick and peripherals from the dock.”

“The GameStick Dock is a prime example of how we have moved rapidly to innovate while still in the pre-production phase,” Johnson said. “It has made for a ‘hairy’ 30 days but we think the results are worth it and we are delighted that we have been able to tailor the product as much as we have in such a short time-frame”

It took less than 24 hours for the project to meet its initial $100,000 goal and it has since raised over five times that amount on the backs of nearly 5,000 people.

With that much money, the company has been able to reach a pair of stretch goals that offer a black version of the GameStick and a MicroSD slot that can support up to 32 GB of space. If it raises another $8,000 (at the time of this posting), then backers will get to choose from four different colors before they get their GameStick.

According to PlayJam’s production plan, the final product will go into full production this March, with backers getting their units as early as April.


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