Internet fooled by Firefly Universe Online hoax


It’s not even April yet, and already we’ve all been fooled. We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled. Run amuck!

In a trolling trolly troll, some unidentified party convinced the Internet for about a day that Firefly Universe Online was coming back with Fox Entertainment’s approval. Hell, they fooled me. Until it was revealed to be a falsehood.

In a definite reminder to not believe everything you read, Kotaku does a great in-depth breakdown of why we should have all figured this out sooner.

No individual group has taken responsibility as of yet, but many signs point to the handiwork of The Yes Men. They’ve impersonated many an official before and what with their faces being all over the DarkCryo website (developers of FUO), it seems likely. I’m sure now that the proverbial cat is no longer in some type of sack, someone will take credit for this well-executed troll in the near future.

Well, I hope they do anyway. I haven’t left a sack of flaming dog crap on anybody’s porch in a very long time.

Source: Kotaku | DarkCryo


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