Internet Archive preserves ancient game relics


The Internet Archive has recently announced its intention to preserve what it considers “historically important” games.

Most of the games seem to be plucked out of the late 80s, showcasing the rise and fall of the various Atari systems. There are classics such as Pitfall! as well as bombs like the 2600 remake of Pac-Man and the infamous E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a title that many cite as the worst game of all time (I still stand by Superman 64).

Regardless of the game’s quality, both good and bad titles have a place in history. These now-ancient titles are available in emulated web browser form on AI’s Historical Software Collection.

You can now experience the horror of E.T in one click. For those who prefer unearthing an original copy, you can literally dig one up.


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Stephen Hilger is a recent graduate of Rutgers University. He has a BA in English and his favorite word is "tepid." His involvement with video games most heavily began with ""Duck Hunt" and it has been a blossoming relationship ever since. In addition to writing for Pixelitis, Stephen is also a stand-up comedian and involved in the performing arts both as an actor and writer.

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