Harmonix servers hacked

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Harmonix’s servers got hacked this week, according to an internal email sent out to customers. In a tweet posted by Julian Dunn, Harmonix emailed customers who had accounts on DanceCentral.com and RockBand.com. In the email, Harmonix stated that:

“The security of your Harmonix user information is very important to us. We’ve taken the sites down while we investigate this incident and determine how our systems and the information we maintain may have been compromised. At this time, we have not found that any of our users’ information has been published or misused. None of our sites maintain any credit card information, social security numbers, or financial account numbers for any of our users.”

The main pages for Rock Band and Dance Central are still currently down, but no information has been made available aside from personal emails sent out to customers affected. Harmonix is investigating the situation and has taken down the sites as a precaution, and have confirmed the existence of the attacks. Currently, there is no time frame for the websites to go back up.

Compromising any modicum of personal information always sucks, but it seems odd that hackers would target Harmonix, given that they have stopped Rock Band DLCs as of last week. Maybe they have a bone to pick about a song they never got to play.

Source: Twitter


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