Grant Kirkhope releases Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack


N64 kids all across the globe can let out a sigh of relief to know that they can finally download the “DK Rap” legitimately online, courtesy of Donkey Kong 64 composer Grant Kirkhope.

The Donkey Kong 64 Official Soundtrack was originally released in CD form in 1999, at the same time as the Expansion Pak-powered N64 platformer. Kirkhope is no stranger to re-releasing his well-cherished soundtracks from the good old Rare days: Perfect Dark and both Banjo-Kazooie soundtracks have been readily available on his Bandcamp page for several months now.

Like all of his previous digital offerings, this soundtrack is being sold at “Name Your Price,” so you can take it for free if you so dare. I’m not quite sure how (or if) he reached an agreement with Nintendo to re-release this, but all the power to him.

Now, about that Goldeneye 007 soundtrack…

Source: Bandcamp


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Patrick Kulikowski is a Rutgers University graduate and Pixelitis writer. In addition to being a gamer for over 19 years, he is an avid drummer and enjoys working on his VGdrum videogame music project. He also doesn't cling to just one platform. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, the PC market, he loves it all.