‘Ghost Mode’ revealed for Soul Sacrifice


Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s upcoming Vita project Soul Sacrifice has shown what happens to humans who get twisted by the darkness. These stories mix the classic fantasy monster we know and add a whole new layer of creepiness to them.

The newest addition announced for the game is the Leviathan, a beast which was what became of a jealous prince with an inferiority complex who wished to see his brother killed.

A “Ghost Mode” has also been revealed. When someone in your party of four falls in battle or gets sacrificed by a partner for power, that character gets to live on as a ghost. The job of a ghost is to survey the battle, power up allies and even weaken enemies by touching them. Ghost Mode was created so that each player has a role in battle no matter what happens.

I have to admit, the more I hear about Soul Sacrifice, the more I want to embark on its dark and twisted journey of sacrificing items, limbs and friends for power.

It’s a rarity to find games that have the player make the sort of difficult decisions that Soul Sacrifice promises. Do you heal your dying friend with a sacrifice of your own, or do you sacrifice them to gain more power? Do you sacrifice a rare item for a powerful magic, or do you sacrifice a limb for something even stronger?

All of those choices will be yours to make once the game comes out sometime late next year.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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