Gamestop silently rolls out Skylander trade-in program


A special trade-in initiative involving Activision’s Skylanders brand of toys/in-game characters has surreptitiously surfaced within a number of Gamestop retail districts, allowing customers to trade their figurines for cash or store credit.

According to internal documents from a trusted unnamed source, each Skylander has a different value generally ranging from $2 to $8. The amount of credit given for a figurine varies depending on its general availability.

As any fan of the series would know, there are a number of rare and “Legendary” variants of current characters that have been fetching a pretty penny through other avenues like eBay. The rarer the item, the higher value it would ostensibly have. The company will still turn away any trade-ins for the actual game or the portal base needed for it.

Pixelitis has seen the internal pricing memo, seen after the jump, which shows the cheapest models like Gill Grunt reselling for $4.99, while some of the rarer ones like a Legendary Chop-Chop will go for $19.99. Brand new Skylanders figurines retail for $9.99.

Rolling out a new idea in a small number of stores is nothing new for the major game retailer. Last year, Gamestop began taking in various Apple devices like the iPad and the iPod touch. Much like the difference in pricing between the Skylanders, each iteration of those devices carry a different value depending on hard drive size and generation. The PowerUp Rewards program also started in a similar fashion.

One would imagine that if the idea catches on, it would become a company standard. No one knows for sure how long the Skylanders craze will continue, but with the forthcoming sequel, Skylanders Giants and its backwards compatibility with previous figurines, this move could be a very lucrative one for Gamestop.

Proof of Gamestop’s plans in image form can be seen after the jump.


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