DuckTales Remastered soundtrack gets a digital release


It’s been a long wait for any news on an official soundtrack release for last year’s Capcom, Disney and WayForward-produced retro revival of DuckTales Remastered, but it’s finally got a release date.

The digital soundtrack, slated for release on the North American Amazon MP3 Store, is comprised of 47 tracks, spanning 90 minutes. It includes all of the remixed music by Jake “virt” Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon, Retro City Rampage) in addition to Hiroshige Tonomura’s original 8-bit tunes.

Those of us who thought that an official release of the game’s soundtrack would never see the light of day thanks to publishing complications with all the companies involved may be pleasantly surprised. Speaking on Twitter, Kaufman described everyone at Disney as “super chill + friendly,” with the length of time between the release of the game and the soundtrack being attributed to a ton of details that needed to be worked out, albeit with “zero drama.”

While there is a listing already available for the soundtrack on Amazon, there’s no price attached to it. Your guess on that one is as good as mine, but hopefully it won’t dry up our money bins.

And I know it’s a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I’m suddenly reminiscing on my cover of the DuckTales theme from back in September. Good times.

Hit up the break for the entire album’s tracklist.

  1. Title Theme – Jake Kaufman
  2. Trouble in Duckburg – Jake Kaufman
  3. Money Bin – Jake Kaufman
  4. Quack-a-rooney – Jake Kaufman
  5. Scrooge’s Office – Jake Kaufman
  6. I’ll Be a Roast Duck – Jake Kaufman
  7. The Amazon – Jake Kaufman
  8. Transylvania – Jake Kaufman
  9. Well Bless Me Bagpipes – Jake Kaufman
  10. African Mines – Jake Kaufman
  11. The Himalayas – Jake Kaufman
  12. The Moon – Jake Kaufman
  13. I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This – Jake Kaufman
  14. Boss Battle – Jake Kaufman
  15. Mount Vesuvius – Jake Kaufman
  16. Dracula Duck – Jake Kaufman
  17. The Dime Chase – Jake Kaufman
  18. Game Over – Jake Kaufman
  19. Gyro’s Hidden Stage – Jake Kaufman
  20. Or Rewrite History – Jake Kaufman
  21. Death – Jake Kaufman
  22. Stage Complete – Jake Kaufman
  23. Magic Coin – Jake Kaufman
  24. The Richest Duck in the World – Jake Kaufman
  25. DuckTales Theme and Credit Medley – Jake Kaufman
  26. The Moon (Piano Arrangement) – Jake Kaufman
  27. Title Theme (8-bit Version) Capcom
  28. Trouble in Duckburg (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  29. Money Bin (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  30. Quack-a-rooney (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  31. Scrooge’s Office (8-bit Version) Capcom
  32. The Amazon (8-bit Version) Capcom
  33. Transylvania (8-bit Version) Capcom
  34. Well Bless Me Bagpipes (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  35. African Mines (8-bit Version) Capcom
  36. The Himalayas (8-bit Version) Capcom
  37. The Moon (8-bit Version) Capcom
  38. I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  39. Boss Battle (8-bit Version) Capcom
  40. Mount Vesuvius (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  41. The Dime Chase (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  42. Game Over (8-bit Version) Capcom
  43. Gyro’s Hidden Stage (8-bit Version) Capcom
  44. Or Rewrite History (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman
  45. Stage Complete (8-bit Version) Capcom
  46. Magic Coin (8-bit Version) Capcom
  47. The Richest Duck in the World (8-bit Version) Jake Kaufman

Source: Capcom-Unity


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