Deus Ex composer’s collab album successfully funded


Sound your favorite victory jingle, another collaborative effort among videogame composers and musicians has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Entitled “Just Fun,” the album is headed up by none other than Deus Ex lead composer Alexander Brandon, and features original work by over a dozen collaborators, including Jake “Virt” Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon, Retro City Rampage), Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy), Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar) and Grant “Stemage” Henry (Metroid Metal, LONELYROLLINGSTARS).

Brandon, who has also worked on the music for games like Unreal Tournament, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and most recently Dust: An Elysian Tail, sees “Just Fun” as an opportunity to create a 45-minute album spanning several genres, including pop, rock, jazz and 8-bit chiptune.

The album has actually been finished for some time, but Brandon desired to amass funds in order to do a “proper” release of the album that can give it a more widespread reach across his fellow collaborators’ audience.

While the Kickstarter campaign only initially asked for $6,000, that number more than quadrupled by its end to $25,054. The campaign has achieved several stretch goals, including a bonus second album, a “Making Of” documentary and a professional remastering of the entire project.

I must say that this increase in collaborative albums by some of my favorite game composers (see: In Flux) is a joy to see. What other composers do you hope to see in future projects such as these? I’d personally like to see Yuko Takehara (Breath of Fire IIMega Man VII) come out of the woodwork again to compose more videogame music.


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Patrick Kulikowski is a Rutgers University graduate with aspirations of joining the game industry. I have a strong love of games and their music. When not serving as Associate Editor for Pixelitis,net and a writer for Game Music Online, you'll see him working on a game music drum cover project entitled "VGdrum" and managing his Breath of Fire Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

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