Democracy 3 released on Steam


On October 14, Indie UK developers Positech Games released Democracy 3 on Steam for the PC, Mac and Linux.

Democracy 3 is political strategy/simulation game that reportedly “simulates the motivations, loyalties and desires of everyone in the country.”

According to Positech Games, Democracy 3 features a “custom-designed neural network is used to model individual voters, each which varying memberships of voting groups, political parties and pressure groups.” Various income brackets of voters are modeled, which factor into how trusting or cynical their world view is.

Whether or not their superlative claim is true, Democracy 3 certainly seems like a fascinating game. It’s interesting how the modern movement of indie games has been departing from traditional shooting or platforming in favor of unorthodox gameplay. Papers Please also has the player working a government job, even though that game took place in a dystopian hell. Let’s hope there aren’t too similarities for actual Democracy’s sake.

In the wake of the government shutdown, this game might hit closer to home than usual. See the trailer after the jump.


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