Canadian developer makes iOS ‘swear jar’ for gamers


If you’ve recently played an online game, you’re probably familiar with the types of colorful language being thrown around. From racial epithets to claims of their sexual dalliances with your mother, it seems everything’s fair game. For many, it’s been enough to either eschew online play or become familiar with the “mute all” functionality all together.

Yet for one Canadian web app developer Bakz Awan, those same words could potentially be used for good rather than evil – thanks to an app he hopes to launch in the coming weeks called Cut the Crap.

“It started out just as an inside joke with some friends of mine – I challenged them to try not to swear during their game play,” the undergrad web app developer said.

According to Awan, people would load the app on their phone before settling into a long gaming session. Every time a curse is uttered, the person would hit a button on the app, which would take one dollar into the jar.

All money collected by the app will go to UNICEF.

“I noticed that gamers, especially my friends, just couldn’t stop cussing during game play, and I don’t really blame them,” Awan said. “Naturally, I thought it’d be kind of funny to turn this into a swear jar of some sort and raise money for charity through the web.”

While entirely contingent on the user actually following through with the app’s use, UNICEF would be up to its eyeballs in money if used properly, given your average Call of Duty match.


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