Breath of Fire 6 gets new story and gameplay details


The official website for Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon, Capcom’s long overdue new entry in the Breath of Fire series, has received a new update that reveals new screenshots and details regarding the game’s story and characters.

The game’s story appears to draw heavily from the original Breath of Fire, originally released on SNES and later ported to GBA. The game features familiar locations from previous series entries like main protagonist Ryu’s hometown of Dragnier and the kingdom of Wyndia, both of which have been apparently ransacked by the “Schwarz Empire,” which bears resemblance to the Dark/Black Dragon clan from the original.

Breath of Fire series regular Nina is back, and like in previous games is a descendant from the Wing Clan, which harbored people who could shapeshift into birds. The wings that Nina normally has are noticeably missing in her character design, which may indicate that the clan’s bird-like tendencies are dwindling, as evidenced by previous games.

Series main protagonist Ryu appears to be absent, replaced instead by a customizable male or female hero that the player creates. Like Ryu, this character harnesses dragon-like capabilities. The game lets you choose from an assortment of facial and body features, some of which resemble Ryu. A new female character named Peridot has also been revealed — a green-haired nomadic traveler who rescues the wounded main hero from the remains of Dragnier.

Other AI-controlled characters can join the main hero, ranging from an anthropomorphic wolf, feline and faerie types. Combat is promised to be fast-paced and simplified, featuring time-based attacks. The game also appears to take a page from Breath of Fire II through V’s town-building systems, allowing players to rebuild a village and interact with other players’ villages in some way.

Announced back in August, Capcom’s reveal of the game has proved controversial to some long-time fans due to its shift to mobile platforms and a new online social RPG web-based approach. There is still no word on a North American release of Breath of Fire 6, although Capcom had previously stated following the game’s announcement back in August that it remains to be decided.

Have a look at some newly-released screenshots after the break.

Source: Inside-Games | Neoseeker


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