Black Friday console sales report has some big numbers


The week of Black Friday is one of the best times for money-savvy gamers to stock up on new games. And after the week is over, the three game console developers love to flaunt their sales numbers around. Here’s an overview of the sales of all of the three big console manufacturers.

Nintendo were the first to come out with their sale numbers. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that their latest console, the Wii U, sold 400,000 units in its first week, beating out the Wii’s first week performance of 300,000 units sold. Their portable consoles also did fairly well, selling 250,000 3DS units and 275,000 DS units. In total, Nintendo sold 1,225,000 consoles during the Black Friday week.

Microsoft meanwhile exceeded its own expectations, selling 750,000 Xbox 360 units. Major Nelson also reported a 50-percent increase in Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

Sony on the other hand sold 525,000 PlayStation 3 units, which is a 9-percent increase from last year’s Black Friday week. Vita units only shifted 160,000 Vita units. However, where Sony excelled his year is in its PlayStation Plus Subscriptions. They received a whopping 295-percent increase in subscribers compared to last year.

The game-related sales on Black Friday seem to be getting better and better every year for gamers, as each company fights to offer the best deals for the most sales. Perhaps we’ll see even bigger sales next year?

Source: Major Nelson | CNET | Gematsu


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