A glimmer of hope on the Mega Man Legends front


The argument that fans are desperate for a re-release of Mega Man Legends is almost fact after waiting for so long. But it seems that there might be some hope on the horizon.

In mid December, Capcom had fans fill out a survey noting which IPs they would like to see re-released. While Christian Svensson was surprised at the 60,000+ responses, he wasn’t ready to divulge just what they planned to do next. But Capcom is looking to turn down the negativity a notch for the blue-helmeted hero, thanks to a thread on Capcom-Unity where Senior Vice President Christian Svensson spoke about the voiceover licenses.

“The VO barriers exist for a release of PS1 code (which can’t be changed) on PSN. They do not exist if we were to port them to other platforms and replace the original VO (new development required, which is expensive). The question exists to gauge interest and only that.”

What does this mean? Well, since the Legends series can’t be ported to the PSN due to outdated licensing on the voice acting in the games, hopes of any ports have been left in the dust. However, if Capcom is doing this survey to get an estimate on the interest in the series, then there’s a chance that they will act and re-do the voiceover work if the numbers are favorable enough.

Mega Man Legends fans, here’s to your cold hearts warming up just a teeeeeny bit.

Source: Destructoid


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