Pushmo QR codes are all over the internet

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Pushmo had a quiet release on the eShop in early December but has been picking up steam ever since. If you have completed the 252 levels included in this addictive puzzler then chances are you are probably craving more.

Thankfully Pushmo has included a very clever way of sharing custom stages through the use of QR codes. When you create a level, a QR code will automatically generate allowing you to pass levels back and forth. These QR codes can simply be scanned off a 3DS or can be saved to your SD card as a photo allowing you to share it online.

The blocky designs of the levels have inspired artists everywhere to not only make their own levels but to also create some wonderful pixel art.  I have gathered a large amount of levels from the internet to share with you in the gallery section.

I attempted to give credit to the original creators of each puzzle but some puzzles are either by Japanese creators or have been shared through so many different portals that it makes it impossible to track the original creator. If you want a constant flow of new levels then follow @DailyPushmo on Twitter, they’ve been doing a great job.

Feel free to add your own Pusmo puzzles in the comments section. Pull out your 3DS and scan away!

Above Image Source: Super Phillip Central


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