So I Heard You Like Cosplay: Videogame Couples


Are you sick of Valentine’s day already? Is every website you visit shoving a Valentine’s Day theme down your throat? Is the over saturation of love and sickly pink about to make you puke?

Well, puke away because I’m afraid Pixelitis has caught the love bug as well. Some of us revealed our secret videogame crushes yesterday, and to keep up I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take a look at some videogame couples cosplay.

I spent quite a while digging through the Internet looking for the least awkward romantic photos I could find (there are a lot of awkward romantic cosplay photos), and I have to say there’s quite a few beauties here. Mind you, not every one of these characters is outwardly in a relationship, but come on — we know.

If I missed your favorite videogame couple, let me know in the comments below!

If you are interested in any of these photos, the model/photographer’s username for is beneath each thumbnail.


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