Postcard Review: Yolo Lolo


If there’s one genre of videogames I believe will forever stand the test of time, it’s the puzzle game. Sure, newer, prettier and shiner games may come out, but when our sole purpose is to test our problem solving capabilities, the glitter of nice graphics isn’t as important. The basics of crossword puzzles and Scrabble have remained pretty much the same, without any extravagant redesigns in order to sell itself to a new crowd.

So when I dusted off my old NES and plugged in The Adventures of Lolo, I found myself stumped more often than not, despite the age of the game. It just goes to show that brain teasers do well in standing the test of time.

Lolo is a charming game, documenting a little blue ball’s journey to save his little pink ball love interest. The game is divided into several different levels of puzzles, each more difficult than the last, each offering a good learning curve. You’ll never feel that a concept was introduced out of nowhere, or that concept is unreasonable within the parameters of the game.

The music is jaunty and catchy, but there is absolutely no variety. So, if that one song gets on your nerves, there’s naught much else to do but mute your TV.

What with the on-the-go nature of mobile gaming, I hope that Lolo can undergo a resurgence, especially because the puzzles are quick and easy to do, and graphically simple to convey. But hey, stranger ports have happened.


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Videogames have been an integral part of Pixelitis Writer Tom Farndon's life, and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. An avid boxer and kayaker, you can make his day by either giving him delicious food, or by playing Secret of Mana with him.

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