Postcard Review: Only a little looney


I’ve always been wary of games that have been adapted from TV shows, movies or books. Oftentimes they would be poorly executed ripoffs trying to capitalize on the momentum of whatever’s popular at the moment. The obvious exception to most readers will probably be GoldenEye 64 for the Nintendo 64, with it’s exceptional gameplay and how it embraces the Bond universe. However, I stumbled upon another adapted gem in the form of Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose.

The Tiny Toons show was a ’90s kid-friendly version of Looney Toons, filled with pop references and humor more conducive to younger and more modern audience. This translated well to it’s videogame counterpart, which was a fairly straightforward platformer divided into six thematic stages. Each one parodied a typical TV trope; the space opera, the western, etc., and each stage drew inspiration from actual episodes. I felt as if I were playing through the episodes I had seen as a child.

Granted, it was not a very difficult game. Based on appearances alone, it was fairly obvious that it wasn’t meant to be a platformer that defined your skills as a gamer. Rather, it provided episodic entertainment much like how the show would. You do need quick reflexes in order to do well, as many of the dashing segments require a sharp eye in order to succeed.

As an homage to a popular cartoon, Buster Busts Loose takes solid gameplay and runs with, creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


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Videogames have been an integral part of Pixelitis Writer Tom Farndon's life, and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. An avid boxer and kayaker, you can make his day by either giving him delicious food, or by playing Secret of Mana with him.

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