Postcard Review: Lenneth Be


When Valkyrie Profile graced the original PlayStation, I admittedly missed out on it. Luckily, however, I managed to catch Lenneth the second time round on the PSP. Thankfully.

As a kid who grew up primarily on turn-based RPG’s, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth was a definite breath of fresh air. Part side-scrolling dungeon crawler, part RPG, this game combined two of my passions: Norse mythology and video games. The goddess Lenneth’s purpose is to gather warriors in preparation for the end of the world, i.e. Ragnarok. As a result, she meets a diverse cast of warriors, sell swords, mystics and mages, all of whom have unique and intriguing back stories. Their voice actors, on the other hand, could use some work.

The battle system was also intriguing, as it gave me more control than I was accustomed to in RPGs. For instance, I could stagger my attacks as I pleased, taking advantage of chinks in my opponent’s defenses.

If there was one thing that took away from the endgame, it was the ongoing theme of sending warriors to Valhalla. While a neat concept, I hated having to relinquish my favorite warriors when I could really use their help defeating the next boss. It was also difficult ascertaining the best way to get the best ending, since it takes a very specific course of events to do so.

The episodic nature of the game made it great as a portable title, and despite it’s age, it’s still worth checking out.


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