Pixelitis Picks: The best games to play on the can


Everybody poops. Don’t turn your head away and give me that awkward blush, it’s true.

We always have to go through an unavoidable bodily function that interrupts our daily routine. For many of us who enjoy a good, lengthy videogame, this case of the “uh-ohs” can occur at some inopportune times. Thankfully though, we have devices like our smartphones and our portable gaming system of choice to keep us company while we go through with our business.

The question remains however: what is the best game to play while on the can? Well, a few of us would like to share those with you. Hope you don’t mind.


New Super Mario Bros. U  is the best game to play while sinking a Bob-omb.

wiiubathroomWhen the idea of TV-less gaming was revealed with the Wii U, it got a lot of people thinking. For some, allowing a Wii U user to continue playing his or her game while a friend or loved one watched TV was a cool concept.

I was more enticed, however, by the fact that I could potentially bring the GamePad into the bathroom and continue my escapades within the Mushroom Kingdom, with no impending bowel movements interrupting my console gaming time.

One of the first things I did after my Wii U was all set up and ready to go this past November was test out its range. One of the first spots I made sure to test was my bathroom, and I’m happy to say that the console’s placement in the living room is close enough to the bathroom to still get a signal. Needless to say, whenever nature called during a romp through Soda Jungle, I brought my GamePad with me. What an awesome invention.

I pity those Wii U users who can’t get the GamePad to communicate with their console while in the bathroom. I really do.

- Patrick Kulikowski


WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!  is the best game to play while dropping a brick.

WarioWare-PhotographDuring the day, especially a work day, its really important to take a break for some personal time. Unfortunately, being at work often means that you’re in some way interacting with other people, or at the very least in their general vicinity. As such, it can be an arduous task to find some privacy. Except for one place; the sanctity of the porcelain throne.

Unfortunately, the time one’s allowed to spend on the toilet is short, lest you make your boss suspicious as to your intentions. So that means no treks through Ivalice or any other extensive universes due to their involved nature. Thus, the natural solution to the time dilemma is WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!a game made to be enjoyed in short, fervent bursts.

While the potential is there to play for extended periods of time, WarioWare really shines because each mini-game only takes a couple of seconds to play. Whether it’s lining up fingers to pick a nose or memorizing dance sequences, WarioWare makes even the weirdest and briefest activity enjoyable. With a wide variety of themes for the different mini-games, WarioWare is able to accommodate any possible mood on the toilet. Reflex-driven games for the times when you have to rush, and brain teasers for when you have to concentrate.

What better place is there for some quick nuggets of good gaming than in the bathroom?

- Tom Farndon


Jetpack Joyride  is the best game to play while releasing adventure by-product.

Jetpack JoyrideYour throne is the second best place to think when you’re at home (the shower holds the number one spot). You can create stories, draw characters or think of a new invention.

But why think when you can play Jetpack Joyride? As Barry Steakfries, your goal is simple: reach as far as you can and collect as many coins as possible while completing missions.

Jetpack Joyride is a 2D sidescroller where you automatically run towards the right. Except you don’t just run, you also have an awesome jetpack that with a simple touch of the screen, takes Steakfries up into the air. There are also pickups to collect that grant you various vehicles such as the Metal Sonic-esque gravity suit and Mr. Cuddles, the soft and snuggly fire-breathing dragon.

With simple gameplay and high replayability value, along with how short each run lasts, Jetpack Joyride is the perfect adventure going forward while you’re also leaving an adventure behind.

- Allain Richard



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