Pixelitis Picks: What we hope to see from Sony at E3 2014


Last year, Sony had what felt like the mic drop heard around the world. They trolled Microsoft hard with their promises to be DRM-free, enable streaming for the future of gaming and a lot more.

But now that the PlayStation 4 is here and is sitting in our houses, here’s where Sony’s real work begins. Just one year out from getting off the hype train, there’s still a lot left that Sony can do. They announced Project Morpheus at CES earlier this year and they’re prepping PlayStation Now for launch. They’ve kept some of their promises and jumped on some extras, but what’s missing? Certainly there’s one more thing that Sony could do to clinch the deal as the console to own for this generation.

Hop on down to see what Pixelitis staffers want to see from Sony this year at E3 (maybe The Last Guardian).

What I hope to see out of Sony at E3 2014: The Last Guardian

lastguardianI’ve been wishing for an announcement at every E3 since that wonderfully emotional trailer at E3 2009, and yet Sony still won’t give it to me.

We’ve joked about how, based on the game’s reveal trailer, we would all develop a great attachment to Trico, the cat/griffin hybrid that aids the unnamed child protagonist, and how we’d ultimately cry our eyes out when it inevitably dies at the end. And we’re still waiting for this to happen!

While everyone was going nuts about the decisive punches Sony was throwing during its press conference last year, I felt like I was one of the only few that wished the company would have capped off the smackdown with a new trailer for The Last Guardian.

Sony has repeatedly stated that the game is still being worked on, and creator Fumito Ueda has apologized for the long delay, so you can’t exactly accuse anyone of vaporware just yet.

I think that five years after its reveal, it’s time we see some magic happen on stage at E3 2014. I’m talking about a new trailer, release window and the announcement of its eventual PlayStation 4 release.

Please let it happen.

- Patrick Kulikowski


What I hope to see out of Sony at E3 2014: A Playstation Now Revolution

PS_Now_LibraryI think there’s this vision of technological advancement in which everything gets smaller over time.

Each generation of iPhone gets thinner by some seemingly arbitrary percentage, and whether or not you care, the iPhone is still getting thinner regardless of how incredible you may think that is.

The same logic applies to game consoles, as slimmer and slimmer versions seem to be released with each passing generation. But what if the next version of the PlayStation 4 wasn’t only “30% slimmer?” What if the next iteration of our current gen system was the same size as the Japan-only Vita TV?

That’s the vision driving Playstation Now, Sony’s videogame streaming service formally announced at CES 2014 this past January. Planned for release on the PS4, PS3 and Vita, PS Now is expected to adopt a Netflix-esque streaming model to deliver games from every generation of PlayStation consoles to one-another via Sony’s own servers.

My biggest hope for E3 this year is that Sony’s service can subvert all of the negative stigmas of other companies like OnLive and produce something that is truly revolutionary.

Yes, the idea of playing The Last of Us on my Vita is tempting, but even more tempting is Sony’s vision of not needing a console at all. With its new Bravia TVs, the company plans to eliminate the need for a set top box and create a truly all in one experience, beating companies like Amazon and Roku to the punch. Even the long fabled Apple HDTV won’t have 20 years of gaming content when it potentially launches.

I see Playstation Now as the realization of a dream that was had too early. We live in a time where a streaming game service may actually come to fruition and change the landscape of gaming entirely. Think of it this way: if people would rather buy the PS4 over the Xbox One because of a $100 price difference, what would they do if they didn’t need to buy a console at all?

- Brendon Bigley


What I hope to see out of Sony at E3 2014: Gears of War

At my house, we have almost completely moved to PlayStation—we play it every day and it has an honored place on our mantle.

That being said, we still keep an Xbox 360 around so that we can play Gears of War. Gears of gwps3War is what finally got my husband back into gaming after years of him watching over my shoulder as I slayed enemies with a righteous hand.

While there have been fans whispering on the ‘net about their longing for a Gears of War release for PlayStation 3, I have come to terms with the fact that it is likely not going to happen. In my eyes, the game is the last bastion for Xbox exclusivity. Because of that, I would be super duper pumped to see any kind of announcement regarding it coming to Sony devices. Even if the announcement was just something like “In two years we are definitely going to release Gears of War for PlayStation—so get excited!” then I too, would get excited.

And then I could get rid of the dusty Xbox 360 that we basically only use for that one game.

- Mercer Smith-Looper


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