Pixelitis Picks: Funniest moments in videogames


What does Mario use to communicate with Boos?

A Lu-OUIGA board!

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t very funny. Videogames aren’t really known for their hilarity, right? Outside of a few classic adventure games and some “brutal” commercial failures, not very many games have made laughter their primary focus.

But some of us here at Pixelitis got to thinking. We laugh at video games all the time, even if they’re not always designed to be funny. Games are rife with more self-referential jokes, fourth-wall breaking and humorous hidden Easter eggs than any other medium.

Below are some of our favorite funny moments we’ve experienced through our long hours of gaming.

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Funniest Moment: “DECAPITATIOOOOOOOON!” in Brütal Legend

(Warning: Final boss spoilers ahead.)

I’ll be honest. I don’t really have a definitive “funniest moment” in games, as I really can think of a huge list of games like Psychonauts, Earthbound, Back to the Future: The Game and even titles that don’t always focus on humor like Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid and the Breath of Fire series that got me laughing at some points.

Nevertheless, one stand-out moment that made me giggle like a silly schoolgirl was the cutscene that immediately followed the fight against Emperor Doviculus in Double Fine’s Brütal Legend. In an over-the-top, incredibly violent fashion, Eddie Riggs swiftly cleaves across Doviculus’ neck, launching the emperor’s head completely off his torso, spurting ridiculous amounts of blood everywhere.

That would be a pretty metal ending for any game, but not for Brütal Legend. Eddie continues the ridiculous ending by stomping his foot and screaming “DECAPITATIOOOON” with the severed head still in the air and blood now spraying onto Riggs’ face – all the while in slow-motion. His yell is accentuated by several layers of Jack Black’s voice yelling out like a devilish vocal harmony of doom, making for one sadistically hilarious yet epic scene.

It’s all very Dethklok-y, and oh so satisfying at the same time.

…I’m a sick puppy.

Runner-up: Wess’ dance in Mother 3

Over-the-top blood and gore aren’t the only things that can make me cackle in a videogame – randomness can too. So imagine my reaction to the following scene in Earthbound’s sequel, Mother 3 for the GBA:

In Chapter 2, Duster and his father Wess need to get past a stone door in Osohe Castle in order to get closer to their desired object – the egg of light. Wess knows how to open the door, but asks that Duster look the other way as he does so, explaining that this would be embarrassing to watch.

“I’m not going to stick my butt out or anything like that, though” he assures him.

What ensues is an amazingly funny dance performed by Wess to a silly, fast-paced dance track. Seeing Wess shake his butt to and fro to the music, all-the-while Duster turns around when Wess isn’t looking to get a glimpse of this absurd dance was all too funny.

- Patrick Kulikowski


Funniest Moment: The entirety of The Secret of Monkey Island

It’s impossible to pick just one moment in Monkey Island as my favorite funny moment. In the beginning of the game, the player can talk to a filthy pirate who scoffs at your characters name, Guybrush Threepwood.

“What kind of name is that,” he asks. The player has the option of asking him what his name is, and he states, begrudgingly, “Mancomb Sheepgood.”

That cracked me up as a kid, and it did again when I played the HD remake. But there’s also the moment when you tell the flamboyantly gay cannibals–who Threepwood is trying to escape from–to look behind them at the three-headed mutant monkey. They don’t fall for it, but as the conversation with them continues, a three-headed mutant monkey walks up behind them and eats a banana.

Or maybe when Guybrush is thrown into the water to drown, tied to an anchor. There’s axes, knives and other rope-cutting equipment just out of the player’s reach. There’s even a pirate who comes by standing on the dock above you. He debates with himself whether or not to throw a murder weapon in the water, directly above you, but then decides to keep it for sentimental value. Meanwhile, the solution to the puzzle is to merely pick up the anchor that’s holding Threepwood down.

These are just a few examples. I haven’t even mentioned the game’s take on sword fighting, but I think I’ve broken enough rules of this edition of Pixelitis Picks by picking three moments already.

Runner-up: “The Scientist Salarian” scene in Mass Effect 2

If you’ve played Mass Effect 2 and heard Mordin Solus sing, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, Mordin is a member of a fast-speaking race of beings that put a lot of emphasis on science and other rational minded pursuits. But surprisingly, Mordin, despite being one of the top scientific minds in the universe, is an accomplished singer.

During the course of Mass Effect 2, Mordin will sing a Mass Effect-themed “Gilbert and Sullivan” song. I’d explain it for you, but it’s kind of hard to do, so you can check out the video below.

Mordin’s singing is hilarious and unexpected, and it turns into heart-wrenching symbolism in Mass Effect 3. But this post is about funniest moments, and as it stands Mordin’s Gilbert and Sullivan is one of my favorites.

- Lowell Bell


Funniest Moment: Sneak Peek in Mega Man Legends 2

Looking back on my younger gaming days, I realize that I had a much different sense of humor. I laughed at poop jokes, cootie jokes, and Power Ranger jokes.

…What am I saying, I still laugh at these things…

But one thing I acknowledge is I still find raunchy humor to be my favorite. From crotch-punches to crude-cowboys, it was always the more inappropriate styles of humor that gave me a good chuckle. Though there have been a number of instances where I’ve spent an evening giggling like an idiot, I’ll cut it down to one part particular moment.

In Mega Man Legends 2, when you’re on your airship looking for your partner-in-exploration Roll, your adorable robot monkey partner tells you that she’s in the bathroom.

Obviously you go check on her, because that’s what any sane person who plays RPG’s would do. And when you open the door to see what the next step in this sidequest is, you’re treated to a shriek and a “what do you think you’re doing?!” from Roll. You then leave the room, and then do a fist-pump to the item acquisition music.

No little “you got lucky” text box, just a simple acknowledgement of your victory.

It’s a sound effect I wish would happen in reality.

Runner Up: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Fusion moves

If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan like myself, you’ll remember all those Saturdays pretending you could blow up the moon and shoot ki through the palms of your hands.

…Again, something I find myself thinking I can nowadays anyway…

It was a universe full of ridiculous one-liners and self-serving Saiyans, and even the non-canon bits were pure gold at times.

The game treated the ideas of “what-if” very well in this game, in the form of creating new scenarios. There are quite a few, which you can find here, but the one that stands out for me is the fusion of Goku and Hercule Satan. Just look at that afro.

It was hilarious to see what could have been if the fates had been twisted ever so slightly. Hearing the absolute dread in Goku’s voice when he’s about to fuse is just icing on the cake.

- Tom Farndon


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