Pixel-Fright-Us: Let’s Play Eyes

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As part of our devotion to all things ghoul-like, fellow writer Maxwell Coviello and I are playing through a litany of horror games in the name of videogame journalism.

Or in the name of having our readers listening to us freak out.

In any case, we present to you our first Let’s Play, this time featuring the free horror game Eyes. The PC/Mac and now mobile game plays out inside an abandoned house where your task is to hustle through and find 20 money bags in a dark house with only your courage and a flashlight.

As you scan rooms and walk through a seemingly endless amount of hallways, it becomes all too noticeable that something is horribly wrong. That something is a terrifying ghostly presence with long tendril-like hair looking to take you out. Your only help comes in the form of these red painted eyes which enable you to “share vision” with the ghost and find its location.

The simplicity is astounding and yet that’s what makes it so frightening, harkening back to Slender: The Eight Pages. We were so frightened that we couldn’t find the “Run” button, but assuredly we found out it existed post-Let’s Play.

In an attempt to calm our rattled nerves, we affectionately named the ghost Sheila so we would be less overcome with sheer terror every time we saw her face.

Laugh along with us as we scream our way through almost 20 minutes of possessed ovens, dark hallways and moments that have “NOPE” written all over them. Hit the jump for the video below.


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Karen Rivera is a multimedia reporter based in New York City. When she's not awkwardly bumbling around the city streets, she's cozying up with her iPhone, iPad and PS3. She will explode into a pink cloud of glitter if you present her with anything ridiculously Japanese, cute and anthropomorphic (see: Hello Kitty, Nyan Nyan Nyanko).

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