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Writer Rumble 3 Agatha Christie

Ever felt like tossing your Scrabble pieces at your opponent in a fit of anger? While wearing an early 18th century English petticoat? Well… maybe not the petticoat but if you’re looking for another word game that combines the quick wit of Shakespeare and the mystery of Agatha Christie, there’s Writer Rumble. Created by GameFly Games for the iOS, Writer Rumble fulfills the urge to spout wit without the wait.

You choose a character, fashioned after famous authors such as Agatha Christie, Will Shakespeare or Jane Austen. There are seven characters to choose from and each have their own powers. You battle against enemies in first player survival, local player or online fighting rounds. Most of the time they are random online enemies, other players with the urge to chuck letter tiles. The game is clean and the design reeks of old bound books.

You know that smell.

The game depends on how quickly and how in theme you can throw long winded words at your enemies. Your character has a standard HP bar and a series of letters below. Online battles are fought in three rounds, while survival rounds depend on how long you can last against flying books and ghosts with a vengeance.

Funny enough, the game will penalize you for attempting to make up words by chipping away at your HP bar. It makes my nerdy heart pound with pride to no longer see random chains of letters thrown into Words with Friends that pass off as words.

There’s also the matter of “supers,” as I’ve dubbed them. Each character can have a specialty move that will make the game more difficult for your opponent to chuck letters at you.

Christie for example, has a “super” that forces enemies to spell words backwards. If you get caught with that little spell, it’s a pain to work around and reorient your mind. But wordsmiths and writers should get a kick out of this game, especially if they’re also fans of any of the aforementioned authors.

As of right now, Writer Rumble is only available on iTunes for $0.99, but here’s to hoping it will make the move to Android. There is even an update now to streamline connections to other players looking to get rough and verbose.


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