[PAX East '13] VGdrum Live (again) at the MAGfest Jamspace


PAX East ’13 may have come and gone, but there are a few nuggets of the videogame music drumming variety within the confines of my trusty camcorder that I’ve dug up.

On Day Two of the convention I had the pleasure of jamming out to a variety of tunes at the MAGfest-run Jamspace, where videogame music cover bands, chiptune artists and more take up the stage and express their love for game music. Like last year, I decided I’d hop up on stage and drum to some of my favorite tracks from games like Breath of Fire II, Mega Man X, F-Zero X and Final Fantasy Legend II.

I will tell you right now that my performance is plagued by timing issues and accidental rim-hitting; not having a monitor when playing to backing tracks can be quite a challenge, not to mention I didn’t have much of a warm-up or rehearsal. But I hope you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.

Despite the cringing I endure whenever I witness my slip-ups on video, my fellow staff members encouraged me to put the videos up on our PixelitisBlog Youtube page, and so it was done. Fellow musicians and audiophiles: please be gentle.

Breath of Fire II – “Cross Counter”/”I’ll Do It”/”Clean Hit.” Composed by Yuko Takehara

Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa 2 - “Lethal Strike.” Composed by Kenji Ito

F-Zero X - “The Long Distance of Murder.” Composed by Taro Bando

Mega Man X - “Armored Armadillo.” Composed by Setsuo Yamamoto

Battletoads & Double Dragon - “Abobo” Composed by David Wise

And as a bonus: last year’s performance.


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Patrick Kulikowski is a Rutgers University graduate and Pixelitis writer. In addition to being a gamer for over 19 years, he is an avid drummer and enjoys working on his VGdrum videogame music project. He also doesn't cling to just one platform. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, the PC market, he loves it all.