[PAX East ’13] VGdrum Live (again) at the MAGfest Jamspace


PAX East ’13 may have come and gone, but there are a few nuggets of the videogame music drumming variety within the confines of my trusty camcorder that I’ve dug up.

On Day Two of the convention I had the pleasure of jamming out to a variety of tunes at the MAGfest-run Jamspace, where videogame music cover bands, chiptune artists and more take up the stage and express their love for game music. Like last year, I decided I’d hop up on stage and drum to some of my favorite tracks from games like Breath of Fire II, Mega Man X, F-Zero X and Final Fantasy Legend II.

I will tell you right now that my performance is plagued by timing issues and accidental rim-hitting; not having a monitor when playing to backing tracks can be quite a challenge, not to mention I didn’t have much of a warm-up or rehearsal. But I hope you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.

Despite the cringing I endure whenever I witness my slip-ups on video, my fellow staff members encouraged me to put the videos up on our PixelitisBlog Youtube page, and so it was done. Fellow musicians and audiophiles: please be gentle.

Breath of Fire II – “Cross Counter”/”I’ll Do It”/”Clean Hit.” Composed by Yuko Takehara

Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa 2 – “Lethal Strike.” Composed by Kenji Ito

F-Zero X – “The Long Distance of Murder.” Composed by Taro Bando

Mega Man X – “Armored Armadillo.” Composed by Setsuo Yamamoto

Battletoads & Double Dragon – “Abobo” Composed by David Wise

And as a bonus: last year’s performance.


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Patrick Kulikowski is a Rutgers University graduate with aspirations of joining the game industry. I have a strong love of games and their music. When not serving as Associate Editor for Pixelitis,net and a writer for Game Music Online, you'll see him working on a game music drum cover project entitled "VGdrum" and managing his Breath of Fire Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

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