Mobile iPix: Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing

Inspiration comes from the most unusual places.

Sometimes it comes from a fellow artist, or an especially moving piece of music. For the guys behind Ridiculous Fishing, it was a documentary on Tuna fishing–or specifically, a slow motion shot of Tuna soaring through the air with an epic sunset behind them. At PAX East ’13, Dutch game studio Vlambeer had a booth devoted solely to the craft of fishing–ridiculously.

With quirky bright graphics, pixelated simplicity and some awesome items to amplify the experience of fishing, there is fun to be had in the iOS game Ridiculous Fishing

You’re living life on the edge. As a fisherman, your job is to sit in a boat and fish to your heart’s content. Casting your reel into the pixelated depths, you throw the line down as far as you can and avoid fish going down. Using the gyroscope in iOS, you maneuver your line through the schools of fish, turtles and jellyfish. You start heading up either when your reel goes slack or you hit a fish on the way down.

On your way up, you catch as many fish as you can, this time jostling your lure and hooking all those fish and avoid the pesky jellyfish who steal your hard earned sea money. Because fishermen have to make an honest living, and they can’t just plunder and pillage like pirates can. Except down into the deep dark depths of the sea. In any case, the ridiculous part is when your fish propel into the air and your job is to just aim and shoot those fish into explosive little bursts of red.

It’s quite violent. And fun. And it wins you money.

Leveling up requires catching different fish and using your “Fish-o-pedia,” to discover which ones are the most bang for your buck. The key to the game involves the progression of costs of certain species of fish and avoiding troublesome jellyfish. You can upgrade your reel and your shotgun the more money you make.

However, at its core, Ridiculous Fishing shines with its simplicity and ensnares you with the sheer fun and increasing strategizing.

Because after all, it’s about fishing. Fishing can be ridiculous, but it’s a business. And business, as they say… is a-boomin.’

Ridiculous Fishing is available on iTunes for $3.00 for both the iPad and the iPhone.


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