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By Patrick Kulikowski, November 8, 2012 0 Industry, News, NYCC 2012

When you imagine the sort of games that influence Deus Ex/Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector, you probably wouldn’t have expected a Japanese RPG from the PlayStation to be among them.

During a playthrough of  Deus Ex with the folks at Game Informer, it was revealed by Spector that the Konami-developed Suikoden remains a highly-influential game for him.

A few of us at Pixelitis got the chance to discuss this a bit more at a roundtable discussion regarding the upcoming November dual release of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and Power of Two at this year’s New York Comic Con. Spector didn’t mind sharing a few more details regarding that key influence and how it’s managed to peek its head out over the past decade or so.


By Tom Farndon, October 30, 2012 0 NYCC 2012, Preview, PS3

Mickey Mouse is an iconic example of childhood ingenuity, representing a whimsical look at innocent play. Junction Point Studios’ 2010 release of Epic Mickey, despite some technical nuisances, managed to capture a slightly darker version of Mickey’s world that introduced a sense of drama to something known for catering to children.

In Epic Mickey: Power of Two, we see more of the same but with the added bonus of refined mechanics.

At this past New York Comic Con, I got my hands on a playable demo of the game with the added benefit of creator Warren Spector’s commentary guiding me through his team’s artistic direction.

And by artistic direction, I mean that the game was nearly indistinguishable from its concept art. The colors and the atmosphere were like watching a moving painting, which is fitting for a game like this. The level I played through was an underground cavern, with paint pouring over the carved-out heads of the seven dwarves. Dismal and mechanical, the cave still felt alive while I was playing.


By Jamie Young, October 22, 2012 0 NYCC 2012, Preview, Wii U

Ranging back to humble beginnings on the Gameboy Advanced, the WarioWare game series is as old as it is hilarious.

There’s something to the simple mechanic of a five-second frenzy that made these games addicting. When considering that the mini-games include jumping over a hotdog car or a pretty girl sniffling her nose, half of the challenge when playing is not to get distracted from laughter.

After hitting every gaming system Nintendo has released since the series’ debut, it only makes sense that Wario and his crew would return on the Wii U. (more…)

By Patrick Kulikowski, October 21, 2012 0 NYCC 2012, Preview, Wii U

Nintendo’s booth at NYCC this year had loads of interesting Wii U titles to try out, but by and far the most original one out of the batch was Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101.

Originally titled Project P-100, the game was revealed for the first time at E3 back in June and caught my eye for being widely different from all the other Wii U titles that were announced alongside it.

Although I had to wait a considerable chunk of time in line just to try it, the end result was easily worth it.


By Patrick Kulikowski, October 20, 2012 1 3DS, NYCC 2012, Preview

Although I’m not even close to finishing the first Epic Mickey, I was pretty psyched to get my hands on the 3DS’ upcoming Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion at the Nintendo booth and during a roundtable discussion with Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Announced alongside the multiplatform Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Power of Illusion is a 2D-sidescrolling platformer that was heavily influenced by the Sega Genesis classic The Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

With that said, Dreamrift’s Power of Illusion is more than just an homage to that title. It’s a title that features a lot more depth and an astoundingly well-animated look.


By Karen Rivera, October 19, 2012 0 3DS, DS, NYCC 2012

It seems as if in the past year, the gods have listened to Adventure Time fans’ prayers… or really, just capitalized on an excellent cross-section of the market–fans of the cartoon show and gamers.

Avid gamer and writer extraordinaire Pendleton Ward is putting his beloved characters to the test in the new title for the Nintendo 3DS, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! Finn and Jake wake up one day to find out that the Ice King has stolen their garbage to create a garbage princess, and it’s up to the two heroes to stop him, traipsing through the Land of Ooo and slaying all sorts of monsters.

We interviewed Pen Ward last year at NYCC, asking him about his ideal Adventure Time game, in which he replied for it to be like Monster Hunter with Katamari Damacy-style graphics, though he also said he wanted to do Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with Finn and Jake. While the game hasn’t exactly panned out like that, developers Way Forward created a side scrolling platformer RPG that plays out more like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

I got my hands on the game during this year’s con and was amused to see that the Land of Ooo has translated into the videogame world well. (more…)

By Jamie Young, October 18, 2012 0 NYCC 2012, Preview

LittleBigPlanet has an important role in my gaming library. When local co-op games that aren’t shooters are few and far between, having a game like Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet made a filled a very empty gaming void in my life. Since the first title launched back in 2008 my boyfriend and I have played through each game, and now LittleBigPlanet Karting slated for this holiday season. Needless to say, I was pumped to check it out at New York Comic Con.

In the demo I got to play through two levels as the always adorable Sackboy. The first half was a standard racing match; those (read: everyone) who have played a Mario Kart game should feel right at home in LittleBigPlanet Karting. The second portion I had the opportunity to check out was a free for all arena match. (more…)

By Patrick Kulikowski, October 17, 2012 0 NYCC 2012, Preview, Wii U

At this year’s E3, I watched along with everyone else when Rayman Legends wowed with its gameplay. It looked smooth and beautiful like its predecessor, with a nice twist to its gameplay thanks to the Wii U Gamepad. Fast forward to this past weekend in New York City and I finally got my itching hands on the follow up to Rayman Origins.

Afforded the chance to test out both the classic platforming gameplay as Rayman using the Wii U’s Xbox 360 knockoff Pro controller and the swipe-mania that the GamePad entails when using the green fairy-esque Murphy, I finally got to validate my preorder of a Wii U.


By Matt Brown, October 16, 2012 0 Multiplatform, News, NYCC 2012

I love a good comic book fan shout out in a videogame. At first I thought the upcoming Deadpool title was a shout out all on its own but apparently they’re going even further with it.

Activision revealed Saturday from NYCC that Deadpool himself has announced the videogame debut of mercenary Domino in his upcoming game.

“Dude, no brainer, man.  Have you seen pictures of her?  She is smokin’ hot.  And if that wasn’t enough (it totally is) she also knows how to handle a gun which turns me on.  She has a soft spot for pancakes in large volumes, loves blowing things up, knows my GUY <BLEEP> (sorry, spoilers!) AND she owes me a date.  (there’s the important part)  So this is kinda like that:  a date. I figure her Mutant power will help her ‘get lucky’ with me. (we see what you did there) Cross your fingers for a happy ending!  Did we mention that she is stupid hot?”

Domino is best known for her skills as a markswoman and her probability-altering mutant powers. She appeared in several issues of Cable & Deadpool, in which she and Deadpool are often at odds with each other.

According to the report, Deadpool comics regular Daniel Way is scripting the game which is slated for a 2013 release on PS3 and Xbox 360. Whether Domino is a villain, an annoyance or a friend remains to be seen, but either way I’m excited for some comic geek easter eggs.

Source: Polygon

By Jamie Young, October 15, 2012 0 NYCC 2012

The two busiest days of NYCC bring together the best and brightest of cosplayers. Saturday’s costume contest and Sunday’s Children’s Day showcased cosplayers in all their glory. But we’ll have you know that Children’s Day could soften the heart of any battle-weary cosplayer, as we found out.

In Saturday’s costume contest, sixty competitors duked it out on stage and showed off their spandex-y prowess. There was everything from three Gerudo guards that had to be triplets to a man with a Superman shirt and jeans claiming he was cosplaying Superboy (don’t worry, he was booed).