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By Brendon Bigley, July 9, 2014 7 News, WTF?

Why must we play God?

Brandon Sheffield, Gamasutra editor and director of Necrosoft Games, took to Vine last night to show the world what exactly happens when 13 Sonic & Knuckles cartridges are plugged into one another in a Human Centipede-esque disaster.

For those out of the loop, the Sega Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles featured the interesting addition of a second cartridge slot allowing you to plug the previous Sonic the Hedgehog games into it, which allow you to play as Knuckles.

So what happens when 13 of these games are stacked on top of each other? We’ve embedded the Vine videos below so you can see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


By Patrick Kulikowski, June 1, 2014 0 News, WTF?

UPDATE: Now with more videos after the break.

It’s truly a surreal moment when you log into the Wii U’s Nintendo Network to see 12 people on your friends list playing Mario Kart 8 online. It’s even more surreal when you realize that Luigi is a total creeper on the raceway.

That’s what online racers like VGM guitarist Mega Beardo and YouTuber Rizupicorr have discovered when watching highlight reels involving the green-capped plumber.

After finishing a race, players can view an auto-generated video highlighting standout moments from a completed race. From there, they can select modifiers that allow them to focus on specific racers or moments and slow the footage down or speed it up.

When slowing the footage down, one can begin to see frightening moments where Luigi stares down a nearby racer that he’s throwing a koopa shell at or overtaking. The music and sound effects begin to resemble that of a horror movie. Couple that with Luigi’s slow head turn and unwavering, evil death stare and you’ve got the ingredients for something far more terrifying than any ghost in Fatal Frame, creepy nurse in Silent Hill or murderous Scissorman in Clock Tower.

See the evidence for yourself in the YouTube videos after the break.


By Mercer Smith-Looper, May 29, 2014 0 News, WTF?

To drum up support for the national Japanese soccer team, Adidas Japan and Pokémon released a special edition jersey featuring Pikachu on May 23.

With the 2014 World Cup rapidly approaching, Adidas Japan decided to make a move to engineer more interest. As part of their “Enjin” project, named for an athletic huddle, Adidas released replicas of the Japanese home jerseys—with an additional cute sidekick on the front.

According to Inside Games, the goal of including Pikachu as the “circle ambassador” on the jerseys was so “children can support the Japan national football team along with the ‘Pikachu.'”

Adidas Japan will releasing other commemorative items such as towels, scarves and other t-shirts in addition to the Pikachu jersey. The shirts are on sale as of May 23 and currently retailing for 7,400 yen.

Check out photos of the jersey after the break.


By Patrick Kulikowski, April 26, 2014 8 News, WTF?

What was often scoffed at as an urban legend has been finally revealed as truth: excavators have uncovered the infamous E.T. Atari cartridge landfill in a desert in Almagordo, New Mexico.

The dig was organized by Canadian entertainment company Fuel Industries and Xbox Entertainment Studios in order to film a documentary about the 1983 burial of purportedly millions of unsold Atari cartridges. The excavation was officially approved by the Alamogordo City Commission last year and started today.

Xbox’s Major Nelson, along with other onlookers have tweeted out pictures of the excavation team holding these cartridges. Some of these are reportedly shrink-wrapped, complete-in-box copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which is often considered one of the biggest commercial failures in the history of gaming.

While there’s currently no word on just how many they’ve found so far, bystander Drew Sapolnick has informed us that “there’s a lot more.”

Also in attendance at the dig site is E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial game designer Howard Scott Warshaw and documentary director Zak Penn.

History in the making, people. The burial site serves as the quintessential cap of the North American videogame crash of 1983, which resulted in a terrible fiscal year for Atari Inc. and led to their sell-off.

Just look at these photos after the break.


By Patrick Kulikowski, March 27, 2014 0 News, PC, WTF?

Remember the movie My Girl with Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Macaulay Culkin?

I certainly do. It was the quintessential tearjerker drama film of the early 90s and it left my child self feeling pretty terrified of bees. And now in the Year of Luigi 2014 it apparently has a browser-based sidescrolling platformer made after it.

According to the game’s creator, Mark Lehand, My Girl the Movie – The Video Game has you “play as Thomas J and live the world of My Girl.   You see and do everything he does in this beautiful interactive experience.”

You can play the game yourself right here. Your arrow keys and the ‘I’ key are all that are required. Good luck with those bees.

I’m still trying to come to terms with what the heck I just played. “Put on his glasses! Put on his glasses!” Jeez.

By Patrick Kulikowski, March 12, 2014 1 News, WTF?

UPDATE: Foxx has issued a new statement on his Parappa the Rapper Facebook fan group, stating that he is suing Perry “for defamation of character, slander & harrassment.” The full statement can be read here.

The voice actor behind everyone’s favorite kung-fu chopping, noodle-stomping rapping dog recently got on several fans’ bad side after being accused of scamming fans out of money.

Parappa the Rapper star and professional rap artist Dred Foxx, who has voiced the titular character since its 1997 PS1 inception, had allegedly agreed in late 2012 to record ten lines of dialogue in his Parappa voice for a fanmade animation project by two college students named Jacob Collins and Cameron Perry.

The two students agreed to pay Foxx $100, but several months passed with no results. Collins and Perry initially understood Foxx’s rationale for the lack of developments at first, owing it to the effects of Superstorm Sandy in late Oct. 2012 and the rapper’s computer issues. Foxx even said that if he couldn’t do it within a respectable amount of time that he would refund the money. However, after more weeks of in-action and a Facebook post where Foxx asked fans for donations for his broken iPad, the fan animators demanded a refund, threatening legal action.

This set off a chain reaction of hostile comments between both parties, with Foxx claiming that there was “no agreement in writing” regarding the fans’ request and that the two fans were just trying to “capitalize” off his market by attaching their name to his.

The entire back-and-forth over Facebook between the two can be read here. After news broke out online regarding this incident and fans began voicing their outrage on Foxx’s Facebook fan group/Parappa the Rapper 3 petition, he closed off entry to the group and is planning to create a new “selective” group. While Foxx issued an apology for going “out of character” with his public meltdown on Facebook, he hasn’t particularly apologized to the two fans, who as of this writing have still not been refunded their money.

In the meantime, Foxx has stated that he will not be responding to any inquiries and that he will be uploading a YouTube video of his side of what he calls “petty buffoonery.” It still remains to be seen how he’ll kick, punch, turn and chop his way out of this alleged scandal.

Source: AT7ADDAK | Facebook

By Maxwell Coviello, December 1, 2013 1 Gaming culture, WTF?

Oh God, why?

A Twitch user by the name of Moltov is currently live-streaming a speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Sounds pretty old hat, right?

Oh how wrong you are. Because Moltov is doing a speedrun with a Wii classic controller covered in honey. A controller covered in honey.

What was the thought process leading to this decision? Did Moltov expect an added challenge? Is this some weird intersection of gaming and outsider art? The mind, it is boggled.

I assume that the fact that Moltov has to repeatedly dip the controller into a bowl of honey is because he needs to give it a periodic re-coating of the bee goo. It kind of makes me want to vomit everywhere.

If you are morbidly curious, please check out the livestream.

By Andrew Martins, April 22, 2013 0 News, WTF?

In what has to be the most creative (read: highly illegal) use of a Pac-Man cabinet since the arcade market collapsed, a South Carolina man was arrested after investigators found over 55 pounds of marijuana in the machine.

According to a press release from Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, Luis Tyler, 40, was seen accepting the game containing the large amount of pot on April 16.

Officials reportedly pulled Ravenell over shortly thereafter and confiscated the cabinet, the ganja and Tyler’s car.

“Our efforts to make Orangeburg safe will not stop. We are and will continue to investigate the criminals in our community and make arrests,” Ravenell said in the release. “You may be looking for a high score but what you’ll get is ‘game over!'”

Nice wordplay there, Sheriff.

Tyler was subsequently charged with trafficking marijuana and slapped with a $75,000 bond. You can check out a gallery of the cabinet, Tyler’s mugshot and the whole mess of sticky-icky after the jump.

Source: The Times and Democrat | HardcoreGamer


By Tom Farndon, January 16, 2013 0 Multiplatform, News, WTF?

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, but if a large portion of the gaming community is to be believed, then the inclusion of a foot-tall statue of an eviscerated female torso in the special edition of Dead Island Riptide may at least be in poor taste.

For those that missed the uproar yesterday, Deep Silver revealed the “Zombie Bait Edition” of their upcoming zombie maim-‘em-up for the European and Australian markets. As such announcements are wont to do, the questionable bonus was showcased front and center.

By last night, Deep Silver issued a statement via Twitter apologizing for the statue, somewhat blaming the autonomy of the company’s various branches across the globe. As for the decision to include and rationalizing it by saying it was meant to reflect in-game actions.

“For the limited run of the Zombie Bait Edition for Europe and Australia, a decision was made to include a gruesome statue of a zombie torso, which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island.”

Deep Silver apologized further, stating that “for now, we want to reiterate to the community, fans and industry how deeply sorry we are, and that we are committed to making sure this will never happen again.”

The damage has been done, so all that’s left is damage control. Whether this means never doing it again or having some add-on band-aids sent out to owners of the statue has yet to be seen.

Even if it was based on the game, it’s hard to believe that anyone would proudly display a fake female dismembered torso on their bookshelves.

Source: @deepsilver via TwitLonger

By Allain Richard, October 12, 2012 0 Gaming culture, Industry, News, WTF?

Just when you think the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are seriously looking out for the safety of millions of innocent pets, they go after your childhood memories instead.

PETA recently released a mock Pokémon game as a response to the recent release of
Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 in an effort to show how that Pikachu in your control is actually your slave.

Dubbed Pokémon Black and Blue, the game is also being used as a way to show how the entire Pokémon series made bullies more prevalent in schools.

“As battling Pokémon grew in popularity generations of children were growing up believing that Pokémon exist for no other reason than to be used and abused by humans,” a statment from PETA charged. “Children learned about dominance instead of compassion. While Pokémon faced the worst abuses, children also started bullying each other.”

There’s plenty of bullying to be found in school, but saying Pokémon may be a major factor in kids picking on other kids seems a little… Farfetch’d. If anything, proponents of the long-running series could say it brings children closer together, as they build their team and their friendship.

Personally, I tend not to think about PETA’s tactics, or the organization as a whole, at all. They rarely show up, but when they do, I feel they go way too far with their violent messages.

Source: Ludos Mundi