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By Patrick Kulikowski, May 6, 2014 1 DS, News, Wii

You may remember from a few months ago that it was announced that Nintendo would be pulling the plug on its Wii and DS online gaming service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, on May 20.

Today is a reminder that this happens in two weeks. And it’s happening to a lot of awesome titles, like Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, every DS and Wii Pokémon game and Mario Kart Wii. It’s a bit of a bummer.

I’m particularly miffed about no more online play for games like Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Tetris DS. I had a ton of fun with those two.

With that being said, I think it’d be wise for those of us in the Wii and DS online gaming crowd to consider squeezing as much out of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as possible until May 20.

Check the list of games affected after the break, and if you see a game’s online mode that you’d like to give a final hurrah before it fades away forever, let us know in the comments. Let’s set something up.


By Patrick Kulikowski, July 16, 2013 0 DS, News, Wii, Wii U

Strategy guide collectors and lovers of all things Zelda may want to keep their eyes on this one. Prima Games has opened up pre-orders on Amazon for The Legend of Zelda Box Set, a collection of its various Zelda game guides.

The box set, which comes enclosed within a Wind Waker-styled treasure chest, will include six hardcover collector’s editions of guides for Ocarina of Time 3D, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. The guide for Skyward Sword will be revised and include an additional 100 pages. Other goodies include a certificate of authenticity signed by The Legend of Zelda producer and director Eiji Aonuma and a laser-etched metallic bookmark.

This incredibly heavy-duty box set runs for $152.99 and will be released in limited quantities on Nov. 26, 2013. Bonus points to those who open the included treasure chest to the tune of Ocarina of Time “Open Treasure Box” music this holiday season.


By Patrick Kulikowski, July 16, 2013 0 3DS, News, Wii, Wii U

If you’re a regular member of Club Nintendo, you may want to check up on your status and see if you’re qualified for the 2013 Elite rewards that have been revealed yesterday.

Among the spoils include the option of getting a free download of a Virtual Console game, a three-poster set of Pikmin 3, “The Year of Luigi” and The Wind Waker HD and perhaps most notably, the official two-disc soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. 

While the poster set and the soundtrack are exclusive to Platinum members, Gold members can still take advantage of a free game download or a 2014 Nintendo calendar.

Although that poster trio seemed tempting, I had to jump on the Majora’s Mask Original Soundtrack. It reminds me of a time where Nintendo was still dishing out full soundtrack releases of its Zelda titles.

Man, what happened to those days?


By Tom Farndon, March 13, 2013 0 News, Wii

Operation Rainfall, the online campain that brought Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story to North America, will finally gets the last third of its Wii RPG trifecta soon, as the XSEED Games-published Pandora’s Tower makes its way to Western shores this April.

Pandora’s Tower was announced for a North American release back in January with a tentative Spring 2013 release, but now XSEED has taken to Facebook to announce a more concrete month, with no exact date just yet. The Ganbarion/Nintendo-developed title follows a young soldier’s quest of love and sacrifice in order to free his beloved from a malignant curse. A typical “save the damsel” plot, but one that has its own grim and forbidding undertones.

It may be a year late, but better late than never for such a haunting game.


By Patrick Kulikowski, January 17, 2013 0 3DS, News, Wii

New eShop release Tokyo Crash Mobs looks like one of the craziest games to hit the 3DS ever. Yes, even crazier than Denpa Men.

If the trailer wasn’t enough wackiness for one day, just have a look at the game’s official description:

“All Grace and Savannah want is to make it in Tokyo, but what’s with all the scenesters, bomb balls, flower displays, and ninjas getting in their way?! And don’t even get me started on the UFO abductions, or how easy it is for a visit to Tokyo to end with getting sucked into outer space…”

I’m kind of…enticed by this.

Anyway, if you’re antsy about Fire Emblem Awakening (as I’m sure Reviews Editor Lowell is), there’s a demo for you to satiate your desire for challenging tactical turn-based combat. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at 1997 Game Boy action puzzler Kirby’s Star Stacker or two more 3DS retail-to-digital releases. The Wii U’s a complete no-show this week, regular Wii users getting an Amazon Instant Video app has to count for something, right?


By Patrick Kulikowski, January 16, 2013 1 News, Wii

Thought the Wii would be completely kaput and irrelevant in 2013? Think again: XSEED Games is bringing it on with Wii Action RPG Pandora’s Tower, which is finally coming stateside this Spring.

In a press release on the publisher’s website, XSEED Games President and CEO Shinichi Suzuki said:

“It’s fantastic to be bringing such a highly-anticipated title like Pandora’s Tower to such a vocal fan base. North American gamers have been very patient in waiting for this game to be released, and we’re confident they will be pleased when they get their hands on the title.”

The game, co-developed by Ganbarion and Nintendo, has been out in Japan, Australia and Europe for quite some time. Its long-awaited announcement for North American shores fulfills fan movement Operation Rainfall’s desire of seeing stateside releases of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower.

XSEED Games was previously responsible for publishing The Last Story here in North America. More details about Pandora Tower’s localization will arrive in the coming months.

Source: XSEED Games

By Patrick Kulikowski, January 10, 2013 0 3DS, DS, News, Wii, Wii U

The latest downloadable games on Nintendo’s eShop won’t blow your mind or anything, but there are two new Wii U demos available for both ZombiU and NBA 2K13. 

The ZombiU demo came a little too late for me though: I’ve already ordered a copy. But alas, if you’re on the fence with it (given its initial mixed reaction), you ought to give it a shot.

There’s not a whole lot of action on the 3DS eShop either, with Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends and Reel Fishing 3D Paradise Mini leading the charge on your portable gaming device.

And you won’t believe what the Wii’s Virtual Console is getting: World Heroes 2, yet another SNK arcade game. The SNK madness will never stop.


By Patrick Kulikowski, December 27, 2012 0 3DS, DS, News, Retro, Wii, Wii U

Capcom and Nintendo partner together in this update to kick off the first of six Mega Man NES releases on the 3DS.

Already have Mega Man on the Wii’s Virtual Console? Well, you’ll just have to buy it again on 3DS won’t you?

The original Mega Man (and that godforsaken Guts Man stage) isn’t the only big offering this week: the uber-difficult Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) is also available for download in its original Famicom Disk System form. Something tells me that playing such a difficult Mario game on a fragile, easily throwable handheld gaming system is a bad idea.

The Wii Shop Channel gets yet another arcade Virtual Console title with Shock Troops 2nd Squad. Nintendo, SNK and publisher D4 Entertainment must be in some sort of weird love triangle.

Finally, Nintendo fulfills another piece of my Wii U prophecy by actually discounting some great Wii U eShop offering, with Chasing Aurora, Little Inferno and Trine 2: Director’s Cut all getting a nice discount for the holidays.


By Patrick Kulikowski, December 20, 2012 1 3DS, DS, News, Wii, Wii U

Today’s hefty update to Nintendo’s online stores just got a little more golden.

Wario Land 2, Wario’s first Game Boy Color outing, is now available for $4.99 on the 3DS eShop. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on this one, especially given its unorthodox gameplay. Wario is invincible in his second game, meaning that most of the challenge comes from the obstacles and puzzles the player has to overcome.

There’s a ton of more 3DS games out, including digital versions of Mario Tennis Open and Pilotwings Resort, so be sure to check out the whole list.

Those who are in a game show kind of mood can find solace with Misters Trebek and Sajak with digital releases of JEOPARDY! and Wheel of Fortune on the Wii U’s eShop. You can also (finally) look forward to the launch of Nintendo TVii, sans Netflix or DVR support for the time being.

So, who wants to get me an eShop card for Christmas?


By Patrick Kulikowski, December 13, 2012 0 3DS, DS, News, Wii, Wii U

There’s a lot of gaming goodness on Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U eShops today, tantamount to all being the Rayman Legends demo that we were promised by Ubisoft.

Getting to the actual download of the Rayman Legends demo will require you to search for it – it’s not on the eShop’s front page for whatever reason. Once you’re done doing that, there’s also a demo of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for all of you Sega fans.

The 3DS got a nice smattering of stuff too, ranging from Level-5’s tabletop RPG-esque Crimson Shroud, a digital version of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King why’d you steal our garbage?! (Karen’s review here), and the classically frustrating Ninja Gaiden. Even the Wii receives a little loving with yet another SNK Virtual Console arcade title: Real Bout Fatal Fury.

“Powa wave!”