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By Patrick Kulikowski, January 29, 2014 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

A video recapping the events of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 has surfaced on Square Enix’s YouTube page. Normally that sounds like nothing super noteworthy, until you realize that the company has added an extra 16-bit flair to it all.

The retrospective features FFXIII’s events all done in the style of Final Fantasy VI on Super Nintendo. That means glorious 16-bit sprites and text, and not those sinful RPG Maker ones you’ve seen in the Android port. There’s even retro-styled remixes of the game’s music in there that’ll tickle your nostalgia bone to the core.

Now before you start shouting “This is what FFXIII should have been all along!” need I remind you that running through 40 hours of corridors isn’t enjoyable regardless of whether its 16-bit or not?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hits North American shores on Feb. 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360, with a demo already available on both platforms. Maxwell wrote a lovely preview on it in case you’re still wondering about getting it.

Check out the video after the break. I had to personally stop after they showed off the ending to FFXIII, as my copy of FFXIII-2 still sits unopened on my shelf.


By Andrew Martins, January 25, 2014 0 News, PS3

There may not be a Wii U version of Minecraft in the works, but that doesn’t mean sales of the cultural powerhouse created by Swedish game developer Markus “Notch” Persson is showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Yesterday, Mojang’s Business Developer Daniel Kaplan announced via the company’s blog that the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft has already sold over 1 million copies. For those of you keeping score, they achieved that milestone in roughly one month.

I’ll say it again: Minecraft – a game that officially came out in Nov. 2011 –  sold gangbusters in just a few weeks.

Kaplan was quick to point out that the downloadable game came out on Sony’s last gen system just before Christmas, so that could have boosted potential sales by a lot.

Regardless, the fervor at which people still punch trees and build scale recreations of Westeros is staggering. Last January the company announced that the game sold over 20 million copies across all platforms and just last month, the company announced the game sold just over 10 million copies on the Xbox 360.

Though common knowledge would suggest that the number of people that don’t own the game is quickly dwindling, it seems that Minecraft is going nowhere for the foreseeable future, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in the works.

By Patrick Kulikowski, December 17, 2013 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

Ever since it was announced that Konami would be delisting Skullgirls from PSN and XBLA by the end of the year, there was a bit of uncertainty as to when it would become available again. But fear not: developer Lab Zero Games has the answer, in the form of the rebranded Skullgirls Encore.

In a news post on its blog, the indie developer has revealed that the original Skullgirls will be removed from PSN and XBLA by the end of Dec. 31, 2013. The Marvelous AQL-published Skullgirls Encore will subsequently be released on both platforms sometime in Jan. 2014.

For PSN purchasers of the original Skullgirls, Encore will be a free download. While old DLC will not work with this new iteration, the character color DLC bundle will be made available for free for a limited time. On the XBLA side, Encore will be downloaded as a patch to the original Skullgirls, which means all the DLC, leaderboards, achievements and save data will remain unaffected.

The Squiggly DLC that was funded by an Indiegogo campaign several months ago will be made available solely for the Encore version of the game, and will be free to download for three months after its release.

Throughout this entire transition, Skullgirls will remain playable both online and offline, although the game itself will not show up on either platform’s storefront following its delisting.

The world of publishing and digital storefronts is quite a complicated one, but it seems like Lab Zero and Marvelous AQL have everything down pat to ensure that console fans of the fighting game won’t get burned.

Source: Lab Zero Games

By Allain Richard, December 16, 2013 0 News, PS3

With Drakengard 3 (Or Drag-On Dragoon 3 depending on your location) set to launch in Japan in three days, Square Enix has released one final trailer–an “advertisement movie”–to entice players to jump into the world of Drakengard.

The trailer focuses on both story and gameplay, but with an emphasis on stronger single enemies versus platoons of weaker enemies like the previous games. Players can also take to the skies to set foes on fire with their dragon ally.

As a big fan of the original Drakengard (and Drakengard 2 to a lesser extent), I can’t wait to get back to hacking and slashing said foes.

Drakengard 3 will hit Japanese shores on Dec. 19 and will be reaching North America and Europe later in 2014.

Jump ahead to see Drakengard 3 in action.


By Ken Smith, December 11, 2013 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

Lightning is back for a third time in February 2014 with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and she’s arriving with a pretty stellar collector’s edition package.

Today, Square Enix revealed the $89.99 package, which will be available exclusively on its online store. The Collector’s Edition includes a fairly extensive 80-page art book that includes a bunch of original artwork from Tetsuya Nomura, which enhances what is normally a typical inclusion in these sort of packages. There’s also a neat piece of DLC that makes Lightning look like Aeris of Final Fantasy VII fame.

However, the most interesting thing in the set is easily the silver embossed pocket watch that features the game’s logo. Good swag like this is basically the mark of a good collector’s edition and it’ll help those who buy it keep track of the presumably long hours they’ll be playing the game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on Feb. 11 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Hit the jump to see a brief trailer for this collector’s edition package.


By Allain Richard, December 9, 2013 0 News, PS3, Xbox 360

If Konami gets its way, Skullgirls will soon disappear from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

As the publishers of the game, Konami has asked both Microsoft and Sony to take the game off of their respective services. This has happened following a fallout in the relationship between Konami and Skullgirls developer Lab Zero.

Unfortunately, Lab Zero only got whiff of the news from Sony after the takedown request was approved.

The de-listings are set for Dec. 17 on PSN and Dec. 31 on XBLA. Lab Zero is currently hard at work getting a build of a game through quality assurance to show to possible publishers, Autumn Games, Marvelous AQL and CyberFront. This new build would reassure the game’s availability on consoles.

While it’s currently unclear if the game will still be playable after getting de-listed, Sony has told players not to worry about having to re-purchase the game or losing it.

Sony has said that people won’t have to re-buy the game through the store, but because this has not happened before nobody knows exactly how the transition will work. Also, this should not remove the game from your hard drive if you already have it, but may or may not cause netplay issues.

Hopefully this gets resolved quickly so fans of the series can continue to enjoy brawling.

Source: Skullgirls via Kotaku

By Ken Smith, December 6, 2013 0 News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Since its initial announcement, Capcom has been very active with promoting Ultra Street Fighter IV, providing a steady stream of information about the upcoming title.

Location tests have been happening over the last few weeks and now they’ve released some solid information about the release of the game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available as a digital upgrade from previous editions of the game starting this June for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $14.99.

Two months later in August, the game will be available in stores and on PC for $39.99 and $29.99 respectively. According to Capcom, all of the previously released alternate costumes will be available in the game. PC users can also purchase a digital upgrade in August for $14.99 if they choose.

This gives Capcom enough time to make changes based on the feedback they receive from the recent location tests, which have been well attended by the top players in the community. Also, it means that the game will be available a full month before EVO 2014 in July. In fact, EVO organizer Mr. Wizard announced today that the game will be appearing at the tournament next year, thanks to the release timing.

To check out Ultra Street Fighter IV, make sure to watch the upcoming Capcom Cup tournament on Dec. 14 or this weekend’s Northeast Championships.

Capcom still hasn’t revealed the fifth new character to the title so one can only hope there’s an announcement on that front soon.

By Allain Richard, December 4, 2013 0 News, PS3

With the launch of Gran Turismo 6 coming soon, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has received the honor of having a street named after him in Spain.

That’s right. The creator of the long running racing videogame series has his own street. You can find the “Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi in the city of Ronda as a walkway near the Puente Nuevo bridge.

In similar news, a road in Australia has been named “Gran Turismo Drive” in the town of Bathurst, home of the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, which makes an appearance in Gran Turismo 6.

“We are extremely proud to be acknowledged by the City of Bathurst for the years of dedication we have invested in recreating Mount Panorama in Gran Turismo 6. Since its inception 15 years ago, Gran Turismo has listened to fan feedback and added extra features so that we now offer 1,200 cars and 33 circuits from all across the world. It seems only right that the legendary Mount Panorama circuit is included as fans will now have a chance to drive one of the toughest tracks out there. With Mount Panorama immortalized in the Gran Turismo series, it is now truly remarkable to see GT immortalized on The Mount itself.”

Which game will we see next as a street? Monster Hunter Avenue? Pokémon Road? Let us know what game you would like see become a street in the comments below.

Source: NeoGAF | | EurogamerPlayStation Australia

By Patrick Kulikowski, November 24, 2013 0 News, PS3

Persona fans, you can rest easy. Atlus has revealed a sequel in the form of Persona 5 that’s slated for a Winter 2014 release in Japan on PlayStation 3.

The reveal trailer doesn’t show much aside from an image of five chairs tied to individual shackles set to some spooky music. Before the reveal of the title, the trailer asks the viewer: “You are slave. Want emancipation?”

While Persona 5 may be the highlight of this announcement, there were other titles in the series that also made a showing last night. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a chibi-like RPG coming to 3DS, P4U: Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold is a follow-up to fighting game Persona 4 Arena on PS3 and Persona 4 Dancing All Night for PlayStation Vita is exactly what it sounds like.

Check out the Persona 5 trailer after the break. Meanwhile, I think I ought to start getting into this series so I can share in everybody’s excitement.


By Allain Richard, November 21, 2013 0 News, PS3

Going Home may not be high on many PlayStation 3 users’ lists, but when free games are involved, then that just might change.

Three PSone Classics can be obtained through PlayStation Home: Twisted MetalDemolition Derby, and Warhawk. Redditor DrunkenNinja has explained the process to acquire these three games.

“To start the quest, go on to Home, go to PS4 Experience, and then go to the giant Vita in the center of the room and follow the prompts. You can get Warhawk by going back to the giant Vita,Demolition Derby by going to the giant screen to the south, and Twisted Metal for completing the quiz behind the locked door. Once you get the appropriate reward, you will be shown a code that you can enter in the PSN store to redeem. If you forgot to write down your code, there is a code redemption machine to the left side of the room where you can bring up any of your game codes.”

The “Quest for Greatness” goes on for an indefinite amount of time, possibly until next Tuesday when the PlayStation Store gets updated.

Source: Destructoid